Friday, October 15, 2010

Vamps and the City (Love at Stake Series #2) - By Kerrelyn Sparks

After Roman Draganesti’s harem is kicked out of his town house, they have no where to go, no money, and most importantly no hunky gorgeous man to fill their needs! 

So how do 5 beautiful women bounce back from that? By starring in a reality series to find a new master, of course. And what exactly would this show be called? Well the Sexiest Man on Earth! Duh?! Judging the men by looks and seeing what skills they posses, the ladies are ready to find their one and only.

Darcy is the newest TV producer at DVN, and has come up with the brilliant idea to create this reality series to find her former harem ladies a man. There's a catch though, and Darcy is the only one who knows about it, hell she came up with the idea. To spice things up she's decided to throw a couple of humans in the line up to see if the harem ladies can sniff them out, she'll get a promotion for sure! Though Darcy has only been in the vampire world a few years, she knows what the reaction from everyone will be, and who doesn't like a bit of controversy?

With the camera's rolling and the contestants being picked off one by one, Darcy is starting to realize that there's more to one contestant then meets the eye. Besides her libido doing somersaults, and her heart racing anytime he's near, there's just something about him that she can't put her finger on. She knows he's human, but that's not it and it has her stumped....hmmmm.....funny because he feels the exact same way.

I thought that after reading, How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire, reading the next book in the series would be hard because it wasn't about the original Shanna & Roman. Oh was I wrong! I've never seen an author so flawlessly and effortlessly pull all the characters from the previous book into the current book without overshadowing the current main characters. Kerrelyn definitely has a special touch when it comes to these characters and the world they live.

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