Friday, October 29, 2010

Fresh Face Friday 10-29-10

It's time once again for Fresh Face Friday, that's when I introduce you guys to a new up and coming author and open your eyes to their work. :)

This week I stumbled upon author Casey Sheridan, she writes senual erotica with a paranormal twist. Browsing through her website I was able to read an excerpt from her book Scarlett's Wolf, and from what I read I really liked.

The book follows Ashling Scarlett as she tryies to find the victims of a sadastic werewolf name Lynette Barber, and reverse the curses that have been laid on them. But when she meets handsome Blake de Marco things become a little complicated. So please check out Casey's website & facebook page, her work looks very promising!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Created a Twitter account....ugh?

After seeing so many fellow bloggers & authors using Twitter accounts I thought to myself, "hey I should do that too". Maybe sometimes I shouldn't listen to myself huh? Now I'm not so sure if I can maintain it the way it's meant to be. I absolutely love my blog & my facebook page! I'm still learning all the new things that I can, adding, adjusting, tweeking to make it my own. They're my life lines to the people who enjoy reading, not only what I read, but what I write also. Now that I'm on Twitter, I have this fear that it'll become neglected, or that my blog, or my FB page will be as well....Coming to terms with the fact that I obviously stress out too much about things, that leaves me with looking at myself in the mirror and saying, "You can do this, don't stress yourself out, instead make people want to look at what you're doing and admire you for it. You got this!" This time I am listening, loud and clear!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Turning (Blood Ties Book#1) - By Jennifer Armintrout

Losing her parents was the hardest thing that Dr. Carries Ames ever had to go through in her life....that was until her life ended altogether.

Facing her fear was all she was trying to do when she decided to follow John Doe down to the morgue. Running into, and being attack, be a hideous monster was not what she expected to find.

Spending nearly a month in the hospital can really takes it's toll on someone, and boy does Carrie think that it's taken a toll on her, because now she's starting to believe she's a vampire. Real life, can't go out in the sun, have to drink blood, vampire. Looking for some help & answers, Carrie hits the Internet in search for them. After many 'You're crazy and need help' replies, she finally gets a lead. Leading her to a local book store she gets more then she wanted, and by more I mean being almost decapitated upon entry. Luckily, she does meet Nathan Grant. A vampire himself, he tries to take Carrie under his wing and help her understand the "rules" of their kind. Giving her the decision to either join the Movement, which is an organization that gets rid of new & evil vampires, or being put in the category of "new & evil vampires" that would quickly put her on their hit list. Though Carrie doesn't know what she's going to do she does feel a longing within her, Nathan quickly explains that it's the blood tie she feels to her sire, the one who made her.

Unable to deny these feelings and emotions inside her, she must now choose between the man who made her, though evil and manipulative, and the caring man who is teaching her about their world.

--Literally just finished this book minutes ago and hands down LOVED it! One of the best books that I've read in a long time. Anyone who can take a fantasy world that we all know ( i.e. vampires, weres, Fae) and put their own twist on it, creating new terms, new ways to look at them, will hold my attention. Whether it's through 1 book or 20, I admire that quality in an author so much. Anyways back to the book, Carrie is a great main character. Her ability to be so selfless, made me almost cry, and her determination was amazing. The connection that Nathan & Carrie had from the beginning was apparent, and making Nathan into the character that he is was brilliant. You can tell he cares for Carrie, but doesn't want to admit it, like most men. Then there's Cyrus. Talk about someone who could sell ice cubes to an Eskimo. His passion for gaining what he wants, not out of life, but for his possession & pets, is compelling. Though he tries to hide it, there's some vulnerability in him that almost makes you feel sorry for him. That is until he shows his true colors and makes you puke. Carrie struggles to put in check her emotions for Cyrus, but feels the blood tie is pulling her down and she can't control it. **SPOIL ALERT** By the end of the book I didn't know what would happen with Carrie & Nathan & Cyrus. Though good does conquer evil (sort of). I kind of expected Carrie & Nathan to be in this full on relationship all sweet and "I love you, no....I love you" type of deal, but that's not how it is. Though their relationship has changed, a lot, there's still that barrier between them, one that he doesn't want to come down. Made me slightly sad :( Good thing I have the next book right in front of me!

 Pick up this book, and read it, you'll blow right through it and be begging for more. Promise!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Shades of Midnight (A Midnight Breed Series) - By Lara Adrian

Something inhuman is stalking the frigid Alaskan wilds, leaving unspeakable carnage in its wake. For bush pilot Alexandra Maguire, the killings stir memories of a horrific event she witnessed as a child and evoke in her the inexplicable sense of otherness she has long felt but never fully understood . . . until a darkly seductive stranger with secrets of his own enters her world.

Sent from Boston on a mission to investigate the savage attacks and stop the slaughter, vampire warrior Kade has his own reasons for returning to the frigid, forbidding place of his birth. Haunted by a secret shame, Kade soon realizes the stunning truth of the threat he faces--a threat that will jeopardize the fragile bond he has formed with the courageous, determined young woman who arouses his deepest passions and most primal hungers. But in bringing Alex into his world of blood and darkness, Kade must confront both his own personal demons and the even greater evil that could destroy all he holds dear.
(except from Lara Adrian's website)

--Shades of Midnight was a good book, the first in the Midnight Breed Series that I've read. Maybe I should have read the other ones first to get in the mood for this one? I'm not sure, but it honestly took me a little bit to get into it. Don't get me wrong there were some great scenes in the first half of the book, like when she stumbles upon Kade half naked, or what they shared in the cabin. ;) But once the chemistry ignited between Kade & Alex the book went to a whole different level for me. Their ups and downs through the second half of the book kept me on edge. At some point I couldn't even put the book down to sleep. Having so much of Kade & Alex's personal stories in the book I think really helped bring them together and layout a great plot. Now I can't wait to read Taken by Midnight to find out what is happening with the cliff hanger that was left WIDE open at the end of this book!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rainy days are the best!

Fall & Winter are truly some of my favorite times during the year. I love the rain, bundling myself up with huge fleece blankets, baking yummy treats for the family, and oddly enough I like the darkness. Slightly strange I know, but I think that it just sets the mood better for whatever book I'm reading. Kind of like the darkness or danger that's happening in the book is intensified by the darkness around me. Makes sense right?  Maybe it's just me, I don't know. But I do know that I'm truly looking forward to this Fall/Winter season, because I am going to be reading TONS of new books. I want to explore worlds that I've never been in, read books by authors I've never read, even totally lose myself to whatever book I'm reading.

So what are your plans for the winter? Traveling, reading, going somewhere warm maybe? Let me know!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Official Fresh Face Friday

Yay! First edition of Fresh Face Friday is done!

Everyone please stop by Ednah Walters website to take a look at her newly released book Awakened, which is the first book in The Guardian Legacy series. It took me a while to decided between a few authors that I liked, but the first line in the summary caught my eye. So let me know what you all think of the book if you have read it, or are going to read it! Enjoy!

Fresh Face Friday

So I have decided that I want to start making every friday, Fresh Face Friday, I want to introduce a new up-and-coming author to all of you! If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know! I'll be cruising different pages trying to find, or more likely trying to narrowing down, who I'll be introducing you too. So off I go, wish me luck!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Excited to meet upcoming authors, and read what they've created!

On the facebook page that I have dedicated to blog I have found a couple of great new up and coming authors who are in the process of releasing their first book or are in the process of getting in released.

After reading the first  few chapters from the Fighting Destiny Series , I can't wait for it to be published so I can read the whole thing. I want to know what happens so badly! But there's a down side, I'm bad a waiting....really bad....just ask my fiance.

Then there is author, Joann I. Martin Sowles, who is the master mind behind The Brookehaven Vampires series. With her first book, Laney, coming out at the end of the month, I have to say that the first 3 chapters were great. Laney is a great character, and I love her attitude!

So take a little time and just glace at these authors, and see if their work moves you!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Passion Unleashed - By Larissa Ione

Serena Kelley has been charmed since she was 7 years old, she's always been able to stand her ground, kick some ass, and resist all temptation. As she meets up with Josh (Wraith), a man Val (her Guardian) has choosen to help her find something he needs in Egypt, she realizes she might be in more danger in his presence then she thought. I'm not talking about the blood, guts, & weapons type danger, I'm talking the "oh man is it hot in here, or is it just you?" danger that her libido is putting her in. Sure she's made out with guys, and seen how far her limits will allow her to go, but nothing like the heat that burns between her and Wraith. Will she be able to resist his temptation?

Wraith is a sexual Seminus demon with a little bit of vampire thrown in for fun. After being poisoned by an enemy he thought was dead, Wraith turns to his brothers for the cure. Unable to find one, they stumble upon Serena Kelley, a charmed human with a necklace that will make you immortal. All Wraith has to do is seduce her, piece a cake for a guy like him, but taking the cure isn't so easy when you know the person you're taking it from will die. Now if that isn't a mood killer, I don't know what is, oh how about adding that Wraith is falling for her on top of it?

What a catch 22, right? With everything you ever wanted in your grasp, finally realizing it's right there, how do you decide who lives & who dies?

-- I fell in love with the book when I saw it's cover! I mean come on, how can you not?! This being the first book that I've read from Larissa, I was very pleased! For a second I thought that I might have a problem with it slightly bouncing from the main characters, to different characters in the book, but then it all came together in the end. I realized it was part of a bigger plan, and it worked beautifully to make everything fall into place and make the story come full circle. So please pick up this book if you already haven't, it's well worth it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Darkest Kiss - By Gena Showalter

Anya, minor goddess of anarchy, has always had that label of the bad girl. Don't get her wrong, she loves a little mischief, but throwing in that she's easy, well damn, that's a little harsh don't ya think? All she wants is to keep people out, no closeness, no true affection, no attachment. Anya has too much to lose if she let's someone have it all, and truthfully has never wanted to give it to anyone. That is until Lucien, the incarnation of death itself, pops onto her radar and all she wants to do is get close to him.

Lucien doesn't know what it is about Anya that get his blood boiling, and she seems to act as though she really likes him. Most women won't give him a second glace because of his scars, but there she is looking straight at him and making him burn to his core. All this is great, fine & dandy, until the Lord of THEE Underworld approaches Lucien and tells him to steal the one thing from Anya that she would never give up or else he'll make sure everyone Lucien cares about suffers to no end. Well if that doesn't suck I don't know what does?

Stuck together in search for an answer, Anya and Lucien are trying to unearth the one thing that will save not only Anya, but also save Lucien from carrying out the orders that will rip them apart.

Great book, love the passion, the intensity that these two share! This was my first Lords of the Underworld book, and the first Gena Showalter book that I had read as well. Hopefully soon I will be diving into the rest of Underworld books, and giving my piece of mind about those ones too, but for now enjoy!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Trying to read as fast as my little mind & eyes will let me!

100 books in 2 months...

Yep that's how many books I have physically bought, and now there is talk that I have an addiction?? Well, at least that's what my fiance says. Personally I don't think of it as an addiction, more like candy for my mind. (and boy does my mind have a sweet tooth)

Every person out there has that one thing that they itch for, I just happen to have a few, and books are TOTALLY in the top 3! I'm trying to read through as many as I can right now wanting to review them for you guys and hopefully give you a suggestion for what to read next. I know that I could just sit on here and write about all the series' that I've already read, and don't get me wrong I will, but in between I want to offer something different too. Not just the same series, by the same author, over and over, with no variation in between...gets old. Fast.

If you have any suggestions, or requests, let me know. Making sure that I cover what you read too is important, or steering you in the direction of a new author would be great! Now back to what I was doing before I started writing this....

Faefever (Fever Series #3) - By Karen Marie Moning

After being kidnapped and nearly murdered by a deranged vampire, Mac has now come to a very strong realization.....she needs to start kickin some ass and now! Though this is easier said then done, it also doesn't help that she's stuck in the middle of two very mysterious and sexy men. In one hand is Barrons, Mac knows he's tall, dark, always happens to be in the right place at the right time, and well, that's about all she knows. The fact that he is SO mysterious is starting to get on her nerves...bad! In the other hand is V'lane, a death-by-sex Fae prince who swears he has only good intentions towards Mac, and wants to become her friend. Right, since when do death-by-sex Fae want human friends? Never.

With Halloween fast approaching, and the thin veil between the Fae & human world on the verge of being torn down, Mac feels that she needs to do something to help. She doesn't know where to go or who to trust, but she can't just sit around and twiddle her thumbs.

Deciding to go to the abbey to help her fellow Sidhe-seers, instead of going with Barrons to the countryside,might not have been the wisest choice, but it was the choice she made. Just as Mac steps out to head towards the abbey her Sidhe-seer sense starts jumping off the radar, and not in a good way, she can feel it down to her core that this is bad, real bad. Now all she sees are mobs, and riots in every direct. With the city being turned into a Dark Zone right before her eyes all Mac can think is that this is a dream, a sick, twisted, crazy dream.....or is it?

In this particular book in the series, there are a lot of questions that you might have asked in the previous two that are answered. It still has it fair share of sexual tension, and action, but just not as much as I had hope for. Like I said, there's a lot of questions answered, and talking going on. The ending is fabulous and sets it up for the next book to blow it WIDE open. I can't wait to read Dreamfever next to see how Mac's story unfolds!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Vamps and the City (Love at Stake Series #2) - By Kerrelyn Sparks

After Roman Draganesti’s harem is kicked out of his town house, they have no where to go, no money, and most importantly no hunky gorgeous man to fill their needs! 

So how do 5 beautiful women bounce back from that? By starring in a reality series to find a new master, of course. And what exactly would this show be called? Well the Sexiest Man on Earth! Duh?! Judging the men by looks and seeing what skills they posses, the ladies are ready to find their one and only.

Darcy is the newest TV producer at DVN, and has come up with the brilliant idea to create this reality series to find her former harem ladies a man. There's a catch though, and Darcy is the only one who knows about it, hell she came up with the idea. To spice things up she's decided to throw a couple of humans in the line up to see if the harem ladies can sniff them out, she'll get a promotion for sure! Though Darcy has only been in the vampire world a few years, she knows what the reaction from everyone will be, and who doesn't like a bit of controversy?

With the camera's rolling and the contestants being picked off one by one, Darcy is starting to realize that there's more to one contestant then meets the eye. Besides her libido doing somersaults, and her heart racing anytime he's near, there's just something about him that she can't put her finger on. She knows he's human, but that's not it and it has her stumped....hmmmm.....funny because he feels the exact same way.

I thought that after reading, How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire, reading the next book in the series would be hard because it wasn't about the original Shanna & Roman. Oh was I wrong! I've never seen an author so flawlessly and effortlessly pull all the characters from the previous book into the current book without overshadowing the current main characters. Kerrelyn definitely has a special touch when it comes to these characters and the world they live.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Enternal Guardians Series Giveaway!

Elisabeth stopped by one of my favorite sites Paranormal Haven to chat about Halloween, and giveaway one of her fabulous books! Just click below to enter and win!

Author Elisabeth Naughton Giveaway!

Bloodfever (Fever Series #2) - By Karen Marie Moning

Mackayla Lane's ordinary life underwent a complete makeover when she landed on Ireland's shores and was plunged into a dark, deadly realm unlike any she ever imagined. In her fight to stay alive, Mac must find the Sinsar Dubh—a million-year old book of the blackest magic imaginable that holds the key to power over both the worlds of Fae and Man. Pursued by Fae assassins, surrounded by mysterious figures she knows she cannot trust, Mac finds herself torn between two deadly and irresistible men: V'lane, the insatiable Fae, who can turn sensual arousal into an obsession for any woman; and the ever-inscrutable Jericho Barrons, a man as alluring as he is mysterious.

This is by far my favorite book in the Fever series (and I've read through the third one), not that the others aren't good, they're great, but Mac discovers so much about herself, is pushed to a limit beyond any I ever thought she'd be pushed. Although she is still searching for the Sinsar Dubh, which makes her deathly sick anytime she's close to it, and is Barrons' resident OOPs detector, she's trying to figure out who is on her side and if she can trust them. Towards the end of the book love how the heat just comes out of no where between Mac and......oh I can't spoil it, that would be mean ;)

As I have just finished the 3rd book in the series, I am very thankful that I picked this authors books up in the first place. Moning has more surprises up her sleeve then I can count, and Mac is evolving into a great character who is starting to know what she wants, and how to get it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What will 1 Saturday afternoon & $14 bucks get you?

Single White Vampire - By Lynsay Sands

Covet - By J.R. Ward (major steal!)

Veroinca - By Nicholas Christopher

Icing on the Lake - By Catherine Clark

Mysterious Circumstances - By Rita Herron

Silent Surrender - By Rita Herron

Slightly Wicked - By Mary Balogh

Key Trilogy - By Nora Roberts
- Key of Light
- Key of Knowledge
- Key of Valor

Sweet Revenge - By Nora Roberts

Divine Evil - By Nora Roberts

The Hollow - By Nora Roberts

Two for the Dough - By Janet Evanovich (trying to build my collection)

This is what it'll get you! Yay!

Elemental Assassins: Venom Give Away

One of my favorite blog sites Paranormal Haven has teamed up with the author of the Elemental Assassins series, Jennifer Estep, to give away an installment of her newest book Vemon. Below is the link to enter to win! Enjoy!

Paranormal Haven: Venom By Jennifer Estep Giveaway

Shadowfae (Shadowfae Series Book #1) - By Erica Hayes

 Welcome to the streets of Melbourne, full of half crazed fairies, enchanting banshees, and soul sucking succubus. In a city that is being torn apart by feuding Vampire mafiosi, Jade finds herself right smack in the middle. Not only is she a succubus, but the arm candy for the powerful and dangerous.

Yearning for freedom from her demon master Kane, Jade thinks that she has finally found a way out of her 400 year sentence. Giving her the insight she needs to obtain her freedom is Rajah, an incubus who oozing sex and just happens to share the same fun attachment to Kane as she does.

Now with the answers to her freedom in one hand and Rajah in the other, Jade must decided between what her mind is telling her, and what her heart is screaming at her.

 There it was sitting on a Goodwill shelf one Sunday morning and instantly the cover caught my eye, and the summary had my intrigued. As I dove into Erica's Fae world I found that she, unlike a few other worlds that I've entered, has a way of giving it a very erotic sexy twist. Jade is a great main character and all she truly just wants to be appreciated just like every other woman in the world. Who cares if she has to suck the souls out of men at their sexual peak, right? She deserves love too dammit! Though this is a large order to measure up to, when Rajah meets Jade he knows that there's something different about her, something special. Rajah feels an overwhelming need to protect her, to truly have her as his....could it be love? For an incubus and a succubus? Never. But the heat that they have, plus the passion they share is explosive and undeniable. Their journey throughout this novel is just as full of excitement as it is sexual tension, and just wait until they both boil over.

Monday, October 11, 2010

How To Marry a Millionaire Vampire (Love at Stake Series #1) - By Kerrelyn Sparks

Talk about taking the vampire world to another level. Who would have thought that there would be a whole TV network just for vampires, or that the makers of synthetic blood would create something like Chocoblood or Bleer fusions. I can tell you one person who wouldn't have, Shanna Whelan.  She never thought that her world could be turned upside down so fast in one night. From minding her own business and trying to get through the night shift at SoHo SoBright dental clinic, to being teleported away and hypnotized into reinserting a fang into the mouth of the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. Shanna realizes that this new world she has stumbled upon isn't what she thought it would be, now stuck in Roman Draganesti's townhouse unable to leave, she finds herself questioning if should would really want to leave if she was given the choice.

Kerrelyn to this date is one of my favorite authors, she knows how to keep suspense, love, humor, and gore all in balance. I would strongly suggest that everyone read at least one of her books, because by the time you pick up the first one, you'll find your putting down the newest addition to her series wondering when the next one will be out.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A day late, but 14 books richer!

Since I didn't post yesterday I thought I'd let you all know what was taking up my time. The Salvation Army was, and their $1 books. Part of the thrill of getting new books is spending hours in second hand stores and thrift stores searching for the unknown. I love buying new releases don't get me wrong, but I figured that since my book collection is still new and growing this a great way to learn about new authors. As much as I don't like to judge a book by it's cover, I'm finding myself judging a used book by it's binding. How much wear on it makes me think that it's a good book (because apparently it's been read...a lot).

So now I'm struggling to try not to start reading yet another book on top of the many I have book marks in already. Later I will make sure that I post what I got, for now normal life stuff.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Darkfever (Fever Series Book #1) - By Karen Marie Moning

MacKayla Lane is your typical 22 year old southern bell. Blond, cheery, colorful, with a great mani/pedi at all times. When her world comes crashing down after the news of her sister Alina murder, MacKayla, or Mac as she likes to be called, receives an alarming voicemail from her sister that she left before her death. The only thing that Mac wants to do it fly to Ireland and force the police to investigate further. Once landing in Dublin, the last city to see her sister alive, Mac realizes there are things in this world that she doesn't understand...and for once she might be in over her head.

Mac is an amazing character to read about, she's a spitfire who doesn't want to take crap from anyone. (Even though there are times when she might have to) Losing her sister is one of the hardest things that's ever happened to her, she knows the type of girl her sister was, and doesn't understand what might have happened to her during her time in Dublin. During her own investigation Mac stumbles into a book store owned by Jericho Barrons, a tall, dark, and of course mysterious man, who might have some answers to the clues Mac's sister left her.

Barrons opens her eyes to a world she had no idea even existed, making her come to the realization that there are things beyond you and me. They're called Fae, the Seelie of the light court, and the Unseelie of the dark cour. Now Mac is trying to tie this new reality into the one she has always known, all while grieving her sisters death, and hunting down the man or thing that murdered her sister. Not knowing who or what to trust Mac must use every ounce of determination in her body to push forward and get done what she came to Dublin to do. The question is can she?

I recommend this book to everyone, Moning did an amazing job creating a different Fae world then ones I have read about before. Suspense is at every turn, and there was never a dull moment in this book

Thursday, October 7, 2010


So this is my first time blogging from my iPhone and I'm tryng to see if there are any perks to it or if it'll just be a pain in the butt more then anything.

First, just so you all know I will not be doing full on books reviews via the iPhone simply because I want to be able to add photos, links, you know all the fun stuff. So this will just be a keep in touch type of thing :). Second I will be giving fun hints and updates about the books that I'm reading, or have purchased, or have heard great things about.

Well, I think that's it for now! Ta ta!

Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter Book #1) - By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Taking a break in between novels, I picked this one up because I had heard great things about Sherrilyn as an author and her ability to create amazing stories. Fantasy Lover was no let down!

After being trapped in a book for 2,000 and the only way to get out is by being summoned as a love slave on a full moon, Julian was just waiting around for the next sex hungry female to call on him for a months worth of sex detail. What a crappy deal huh? Well when Grace, a sex therapist who is in desperate need to get laid, and her voodoo dabbling friend Lanie decide on Grace's birthday to try to summon Julian, this time out of the book might be more then Julian could ask for. After what seems like a failed attempt at conjuring up a delicious looking immortal play toy, Grace sees a flash of light coming from her living room. As she rounds the corner to see what was happening, she's suddenly out of breath and is stunned to see a naked, gorgeous, tanned, blond haired man in her living room. Did I mention naked? Both of their first instincts beg them to run to upstairs into the bedroom and not come out for a month, but Grace isn't like that, not even in the slightest. Puzzled as he may be, Julian goes by her rules and plays along.

Soon Grace is introducing him to a world he knows nothing about, and treating him like a human being. He can't remember the last time he was treated as a human being, and not something that was dragged out of the closet and used to bring his keeper pleasure. As his time with her is cut shorter as each day passes, Grace realizes that she wants to find a way to allow Julian his freedom and a try at a real life. Julian calls on the only person that he can think of to help him find an answer....Cupid, or Eros as he likes to be called.

Now with a mission in hand, and the finish line in sight, can Julian & Grace do the impossible to grant his freedom, and possible their chance at love?

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: The Laughing Corpse - By Laurell K Hamilton

Being Offered to raise an almost 300 year old corpse Anita knows that no matter the amount of power and animator posses the only way to raise a corpse that old is human sacrifice, and Anita does not do human sacrifices. End of story. That is unless there's an eccentric wealthy man who thinks you can be persuaded with money, and if not money then thugs, and if not thugs, well then there are some things that people shouldn't have power over.

This novel was a great continuation from Guilty Pleasures, it has all the suspense, action, and adventure that you came to love in Anita's life before. I will have to say that there is more suspense and action in this book, which I did like. Having a certain about of suspense I believe is key to making any book work. You can have all the action that you like, but if you don't have the reader wondering what will happen next and anticipating turning the page, then the book to me is boring.

 More characters are introduced and looked at a little better in this book. Some of Anita's co-workers, Stg. Dolph, a voodoo queen, her best friend Ronnie, her wonderful boss Bert, and of course Jean-Claude who has not stopped his effort to woo Anita into his arms. When I finished the Laughing Corpse I felt like I had a better understanding of Anita, and couldn't wait to pick up the next Anita Blake novel.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures - by Laurell K Hamilton

After being reintroduced into the reading world,via the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, I felt a sudden rush to read, and read, and read.

Anita Blake was given to me by a great friend who thought that I would like it since I had previously only read vampire books who had a few friendly werewolves in them.

Polar opposites is what I got and loved it. Anita is a bad ass, hard to the core woman who's known as an Animator, which means she raises the dead for a living. She absolutely despises vampires, thinks that they're nothing but a walking corpse. In an age where vampires are running bars & strip clubs, and have the same rights as every living, breathing human does, Anita finds herself launched between a rock and a hard spot when she's approached by a very powerful vampire in her city and is asked to help them figured out who is behind some of the unsolved vampire murders that are happening in St. Louis.

During her reluctant investigation Anita must work with people she doesn't know, or trust. Thrown into a different type of world she has no desire to join or even wander into, she must now completely surround herself with it. If being stalked by a dangerous assassin (who's also a former ally) isn't enough, try throwing the fact that she is catching the eye of an extremely sexy "walking corpse"! And all while trying to raise the dead and get her job done.

I will admit that it took me a little while to get into this book, but I'm glad that I did because it really creates a great starting point for this series.

Slow and steady wins the race....I didn't know there was going to be a race!

Daily, that's how I'm going to do it! Post at least once a day, what do you think? I know it's impossible to read one book everyday, well for me it is anyways, but I want to post on here to be able to stay in contact with people who might actually one day follow my blog and enjoy it. I might even want to stay in contact with the people who don't like what I say, but read it anyways. :)

Here's my 5 simple rules that I want to try and follow during this whole blogging experience:

1. Blog everyday
2. Blog at the end of every book I read
3. Reply to every comment, idea, or thought someone posts on my blog
4. Sucker all my friends into reading my blog
5. Inspire you or a friend or a co-worker to read whichever book I've blogged about.

Through this process I want people to be inspired to read more, take a little time out of your day to get wrapped up into a world unlike the one you live in. Lose yourself in a book every once in a just might like it.