Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Turning (Blood Ties Book#1) - By Jennifer Armintrout

Losing her parents was the hardest thing that Dr. Carries Ames ever had to go through in her life....that was until her life ended altogether.

Facing her fear was all she was trying to do when she decided to follow John Doe down to the morgue. Running into, and being attack, be a hideous monster was not what she expected to find.

Spending nearly a month in the hospital can really takes it's toll on someone, and boy does Carrie think that it's taken a toll on her, because now she's starting to believe she's a vampire. Real life, can't go out in the sun, have to drink blood, vampire. Looking for some help & answers, Carrie hits the Internet in search for them. After many 'You're crazy and need help' replies, she finally gets a lead. Leading her to a local book store she gets more then she wanted, and by more I mean being almost decapitated upon entry. Luckily, she does meet Nathan Grant. A vampire himself, he tries to take Carrie under his wing and help her understand the "rules" of their kind. Giving her the decision to either join the Movement, which is an organization that gets rid of new & evil vampires, or being put in the category of "new & evil vampires" that would quickly put her on their hit list. Though Carrie doesn't know what she's going to do she does feel a longing within her, Nathan quickly explains that it's the blood tie she feels to her sire, the one who made her.

Unable to deny these feelings and emotions inside her, she must now choose between the man who made her, though evil and manipulative, and the caring man who is teaching her about their world.

--Literally just finished this book minutes ago and hands down LOVED it! One of the best books that I've read in a long time. Anyone who can take a fantasy world that we all know ( i.e. vampires, weres, Fae) and put their own twist on it, creating new terms, new ways to look at them, will hold my attention. Whether it's through 1 book or 20, I admire that quality in an author so much. Anyways back to the book, Carrie is a great main character. Her ability to be so selfless, made me almost cry, and her determination was amazing. The connection that Nathan & Carrie had from the beginning was apparent, and making Nathan into the character that he is was brilliant. You can tell he cares for Carrie, but doesn't want to admit it, like most men. Then there's Cyrus. Talk about someone who could sell ice cubes to an Eskimo. His passion for gaining what he wants, not out of life, but for his possession & pets, is compelling. Though he tries to hide it, there's some vulnerability in him that almost makes you feel sorry for him. That is until he shows his true colors and makes you puke. Carrie struggles to put in check her emotions for Cyrus, but feels the blood tie is pulling her down and she can't control it. **SPOIL ALERT** By the end of the book I didn't know what would happen with Carrie & Nathan & Cyrus. Though good does conquer evil (sort of). I kind of expected Carrie & Nathan to be in this full on relationship all sweet and "I love you, no....I love you" type of deal, but that's not how it is. Though their relationship has changed, a lot, there's still that barrier between them, one that he doesn't want to come down. Made me slightly sad :( Good thing I have the next book right in front of me!

 Pick up this book, and read it, you'll blow right through it and be begging for more. Promise!

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