Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shadowfae (Shadowfae Series Book #1) - By Erica Hayes

 Welcome to the streets of Melbourne, full of half crazed fairies, enchanting banshees, and soul sucking succubus. In a city that is being torn apart by feuding Vampire mafiosi, Jade finds herself right smack in the middle. Not only is she a succubus, but the arm candy for the powerful and dangerous.

Yearning for freedom from her demon master Kane, Jade thinks that she has finally found a way out of her 400 year sentence. Giving her the insight she needs to obtain her freedom is Rajah, an incubus who oozing sex and just happens to share the same fun attachment to Kane as she does.

Now with the answers to her freedom in one hand and Rajah in the other, Jade must decided between what her mind is telling her, and what her heart is screaming at her.

 There it was sitting on a Goodwill shelf one Sunday morning and instantly the cover caught my eye, and the summary had my intrigued. As I dove into Erica's Fae world I found that she, unlike a few other worlds that I've entered, has a way of giving it a very erotic sexy twist. Jade is a great main character and all she truly just wants to be appreciated just like every other woman in the world. Who cares if she has to suck the souls out of men at their sexual peak, right? She deserves love too dammit! Though this is a large order to measure up to, when Rajah meets Jade he knows that there's something different about her, something special. Rajah feels an overwhelming need to protect her, to truly have her as his....could it be love? For an incubus and a succubus? Never. But the heat that they have, plus the passion they share is explosive and undeniable. Their journey throughout this novel is just as full of excitement as it is sexual tension, and just wait until they both boil over.

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