Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter Book #1) - By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Taking a break in between novels, I picked this one up because I had heard great things about Sherrilyn as an author and her ability to create amazing stories. Fantasy Lover was no let down!

After being trapped in a book for 2,000 and the only way to get out is by being summoned as a love slave on a full moon, Julian was just waiting around for the next sex hungry female to call on him for a months worth of sex detail. What a crappy deal huh? Well when Grace, a sex therapist who is in desperate need to get laid, and her voodoo dabbling friend Lanie decide on Grace's birthday to try to summon Julian, this time out of the book might be more then Julian could ask for. After what seems like a failed attempt at conjuring up a delicious looking immortal play toy, Grace sees a flash of light coming from her living room. As she rounds the corner to see what was happening, she's suddenly out of breath and is stunned to see a naked, gorgeous, tanned, blond haired man in her living room. Did I mention naked? Both of their first instincts beg them to run to upstairs into the bedroom and not come out for a month, but Grace isn't like that, not even in the slightest. Puzzled as he may be, Julian goes by her rules and plays along.

Soon Grace is introducing him to a world he knows nothing about, and treating him like a human being. He can't remember the last time he was treated as a human being, and not something that was dragged out of the closet and used to bring his keeper pleasure. As his time with her is cut shorter as each day passes, Grace realizes that she wants to find a way to allow Julian his freedom and a try at a real life. Julian calls on the only person that he can think of to help him find an answer....Cupid, or Eros as he likes to be called.

Now with a mission in hand, and the finish line in sight, can Julian & Grace do the impossible to grant his freedom, and possible their chance at love?

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