Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Darkest Kiss - By Gena Showalter

Anya, minor goddess of anarchy, has always had that label of the bad girl. Don't get her wrong, she loves a little mischief, but throwing in that she's easy, well damn, that's a little harsh don't ya think? All she wants is to keep people out, no closeness, no true affection, no attachment. Anya has too much to lose if she let's someone have it all, and truthfully has never wanted to give it to anyone. That is until Lucien, the incarnation of death itself, pops onto her radar and all she wants to do is get close to him.

Lucien doesn't know what it is about Anya that get his blood boiling, and she seems to act as though she really likes him. Most women won't give him a second glace because of his scars, but there she is looking straight at him and making him burn to his core. All this is great, fine & dandy, until the Lord of THEE Underworld approaches Lucien and tells him to steal the one thing from Anya that she would never give up or else he'll make sure everyone Lucien cares about suffers to no end. Well if that doesn't suck I don't know what does?

Stuck together in search for an answer, Anya and Lucien are trying to unearth the one thing that will save not only Anya, but also save Lucien from carrying out the orders that will rip them apart.

Great book, love the passion, the intensity that these two share! This was my first Lords of the Underworld book, and the first Gena Showalter book that I had read as well. Hopefully soon I will be diving into the rest of Underworld books, and giving my piece of mind about those ones too, but for now enjoy!

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