Monday, October 18, 2010

Trying to read as fast as my little mind & eyes will let me!

100 books in 2 months...

Yep that's how many books I have physically bought, and now there is talk that I have an addiction?? Well, at least that's what my fiance says. Personally I don't think of it as an addiction, more like candy for my mind. (and boy does my mind have a sweet tooth)

Every person out there has that one thing that they itch for, I just happen to have a few, and books are TOTALLY in the top 3! I'm trying to read through as many as I can right now wanting to review them for you guys and hopefully give you a suggestion for what to read next. I know that I could just sit on here and write about all the series' that I've already read, and don't get me wrong I will, but in between I want to offer something different too. Not just the same series, by the same author, over and over, with no variation in between...gets old. Fast.

If you have any suggestions, or requests, let me know. Making sure that I cover what you read too is important, or steering you in the direction of a new author would be great! Now back to what I was doing before I started writing this....

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