Friday, October 8, 2010

Darkfever (Fever Series Book #1) - By Karen Marie Moning

MacKayla Lane is your typical 22 year old southern bell. Blond, cheery, colorful, with a great mani/pedi at all times. When her world comes crashing down after the news of her sister Alina murder, MacKayla, or Mac as she likes to be called, receives an alarming voicemail from her sister that she left before her death. The only thing that Mac wants to do it fly to Ireland and force the police to investigate further. Once landing in Dublin, the last city to see her sister alive, Mac realizes there are things in this world that she doesn't understand...and for once she might be in over her head.

Mac is an amazing character to read about, she's a spitfire who doesn't want to take crap from anyone. (Even though there are times when she might have to) Losing her sister is one of the hardest things that's ever happened to her, she knows the type of girl her sister was, and doesn't understand what might have happened to her during her time in Dublin. During her own investigation Mac stumbles into a book store owned by Jericho Barrons, a tall, dark, and of course mysterious man, who might have some answers to the clues Mac's sister left her.

Barrons opens her eyes to a world she had no idea even existed, making her come to the realization that there are things beyond you and me. They're called Fae, the Seelie of the light court, and the Unseelie of the dark cour. Now Mac is trying to tie this new reality into the one she has always known, all while grieving her sisters death, and hunting down the man or thing that murdered her sister. Not knowing who or what to trust Mac must use every ounce of determination in her body to push forward and get done what she came to Dublin to do. The question is can she?

I recommend this book to everyone, Moning did an amazing job creating a different Fae world then ones I have read about before. Suspense is at every turn, and there was never a dull moment in this book

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