About Me!

Hi!! I'm Jessica, nice to meet you!

So this is suppose to give you useful information about me huh? Well this is the easiest was I can think to do it:

- 29 years old
- Have 3 kids
- Reading fanatic
- Sports guru
- Great cook
- Sarcasm expert (I even give classes)
- Grammar Nazi
- Short
- Black Hair Blond Hair Mixed Hair
- Brown eyes
- Dancing machine
- Wanna be author
- Loyal friend
- Extremely outspoken
- Loud (reference above)
- Dislikes chocolate
- Lives in hometown
- Is brutally honest
- Very lovable

So those are just a few things about me. I am complex, yet simple. Love the outdoors, but really like my bed. Hope this helped everyone know a little bit more "About Me". If there's anything else you'd like to know, just ask!