Thursday, October 7, 2010

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: The Laughing Corpse - By Laurell K Hamilton

Being Offered to raise an almost 300 year old corpse Anita knows that no matter the amount of power and animator posses the only way to raise a corpse that old is human sacrifice, and Anita does not do human sacrifices. End of story. That is unless there's an eccentric wealthy man who thinks you can be persuaded with money, and if not money then thugs, and if not thugs, well then there are some things that people shouldn't have power over.

This novel was a great continuation from Guilty Pleasures, it has all the suspense, action, and adventure that you came to love in Anita's life before. I will have to say that there is more suspense and action in this book, which I did like. Having a certain about of suspense I believe is key to making any book work. You can have all the action that you like, but if you don't have the reader wondering what will happen next and anticipating turning the page, then the book to me is boring.

 More characters are introduced and looked at a little better in this book. Some of Anita's co-workers, Stg. Dolph, a voodoo queen, her best friend Ronnie, her wonderful boss Bert, and of course Jean-Claude who has not stopped his effort to woo Anita into his arms. When I finished the Laughing Corpse I felt like I had a better understanding of Anita, and couldn't wait to pick up the next Anita Blake novel.

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