Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Created a Twitter account....ugh?

After seeing so many fellow bloggers & authors using Twitter accounts I thought to myself, "hey I should do that too". Maybe sometimes I shouldn't listen to myself huh? Now I'm not so sure if I can maintain it the way it's meant to be. I absolutely love my blog & my facebook page! I'm still learning all the new things that I can, adding, adjusting, tweeking to make it my own. They're my life lines to the people who enjoy reading, not only what I read, but what I write also. Now that I'm on Twitter, I have this fear that it'll become neglected, or that my blog, or my FB page will be as well....Coming to terms with the fact that I obviously stress out too much about things, that leaves me with looking at myself in the mirror and saying, "You can do this, don't stress yourself out, instead make people want to look at what you're doing and admire you for it. You got this!" This time I am listening, loud and clear!


Anonymous said...

I believe there is a way for you to connect your blog and Twitter, so when you post a new blog, an announcement with a link to it automatically shows up on your twitter page. That way you don't have to go back and forth.

Jess said...

I know that I linked it between my facebook page & Twitter, but I'll have to see about the blog & the Twitter. That would make life SO easy!