Friday, January 28, 2011

Guest Post: Author Stacey Kennedy

TGIF! I am very honored, and excited, to end this week by introduce you all to author, Stacey Kennedy. The brilliant mind behind, The Magical Sword Series and The Blue Bloods Series, just to name a few. Today she's going to tell us all about her newest release, which happens to be the final book in her Magical Sword Series, and little bit about how her journey as a writer began.

Hi Everyone!

Big thanks to Taking it One Book at a Time for letting me stop by and share my new release with you all. My novels are light-hearted fantasy with heart squeezing, thigh-clenching romance, and even give a good chuckle every now and again.

My journey as a writer began as a way to keep my brain alive since being a stay at home mom can be a little let’s say numbing. It was an escape from screaming kids, dirty diapers and plain old mom duty.

It started as a hobby, but as the stories progressed it became a passion. Now, I indulge at nap time, especially the juicy bits! Every mom needs a good thrill!

The Magical Sword ~ Book Four

Liquid Silver Books ~ January 24, 2011

One woman, one bond, one final battle … can even Nexi Jones defeat the deepest darkness of evil?

Meet Nexi Jones—Witch, Guardian and now, Lady of the Underworld. Embracing her new role, Nexi begins the task of changing a world led by darkness. But not everyone is happy to see her rise to power. Before long, a resistance within the Underworld is forming.

As the darkness begins to close in around her, Nexi’s magical abilities flourish in response—forcing Nexi to dig down deeper into her past to discover this source and why she was gifted with such incredible strength.

With her Guardian, Kyden by her side, Nexi will meet her greatest challenge yet as she begins to discover that fate might have been a bitch, but she was a bitch with a plan.

Click here to read an Excerpt from Chapter 1

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