Thursday, January 27, 2011

Randomness & Work

So here I am, sitting at my desk, "working" hard (as my boss would say). When suddenly I'm starting to realize that our "Busy season" at work is fast approaching, only about 2 more months of bliss, then BAM! It'll be customers, payroll, billing, product pushing and non-stop chaos!

Now I'm trying to plan ahead, work out kinks, and form some sort of schedule. I want to make sure that this blog, my reviews, and reading combine to form a well oiled machine. Considering that I started my blog in the middle of October last year, this is coming as sort of a new challenge for me.

I know there have to be more bloggers then just me out there who work 40+ hours a week, have 3 kids, go to the gym, AND run a review blog? If you know them, send them my way, I need to form a support group, lol.

Regardless, I have faith in myself. Because if I don't then who will? It might be a trail by error, and error, and error, but I am determined to figure this all out and make things run smoothly. Whether they like it our not!

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