Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Talkative Tuesday 1/4/11

Whoa, first Talkative Tuesday in 2 weeks, annnnnnnnnnd first one of the New Year?! Good thing I'm kicking this one off with a bang! (notice the new TT (Talkative Tuesday) brand above? Pretty cool huh!)

Figuring out who to feature this week was actually very easy. The lovely ladies over at Paperback Dolls have inspired me for quiet a while to expand my horizions & work harder to achieve great things with my own personal blog. So who better to shine the spot light on then the Paperback Dolls.

Paperback Dolls consist of 6 Friends brought together by a love of books & views that need to be voiced. Though they're from different background, they share one common love, books.

Their reviews are honest, and really just make me want to run to the store & grab the book they were talking about. Then their giveaways make me want to break into their vault and steal the goodies & prizes. Everytime I view their page something new and exciting catches my eye. Whether it's a future guest post or a new review, there is always something.

So if you haven't had the opportunity to check them out go, right now, and check out the Paperback Dolls Blog.

Or check out their Facebook page.

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