Friday, January 21, 2011

Fresh Face Friday 1-21-11

Happy, happy, Friday all!! Today it's clear & the high is suppose to be 73 degrees! (It's OK to be a tad jealous, I won't judge).

Each week it seems that my FFF keeps getting easier & easier. It's like I'm being drawn to these amazing authors, and the Book Gods are demanding I shine the light on them or face their wrath....hmmm....wonder what the wrath of a book god would be like?

Anyways, onto to the goods!

Would you want to read a book that had a miniature unicorn, magical market places, and a sexy-as-sin incubus? Umm, you had me at unicorn! In Allison Pang's first novel, A Brush of Darkness, main character, Abby Sinclair, is struggling to pull her life back together and manage all the new weirdness that had been thrown in. When realizing her life is in danger, Abby must figure out who to trust. Not only with her life, but now with her heart.

I for one am SUPER, SUPER excited about Allison's upcoming release. There has been such a buzz following this book, and I've heard nothing but wonderful things from my fellow bloggers. So make sure to check out Allison's website, stalk her on Facebook, and you'll love her Blog. Enjoy!

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