Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-turkey day talk

Every year I have to inform myself that I WILL not over eat....Needless to say each year I fail. This year I WILL not over eat. I have put in too much hard work at the gym over the last 2 months to just stuff myself to the brim, and gain 5 pounds back.

It all calls to me though...the turkey, stuffing, mashed taters, yams, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, rolls, fruit salad (yes here in CA I have fruit salad). It's like the combo from hell, I swear. "Oh I'll just have one more serving of this," then that leads to 2, then 3. I swear sometimes I have absolutely no self control, lol.

Thanksgiving though is one of my favorite holidays, right behind my birthday & Christmas :)....we spend Thanksgiving with our second family, which is a close knit group of 3 other couples and all their kids. The really fun part is after dinner we all play games, like Guesstures, or Scatagories, something that will make us all laugh at each other until our sides hurt. Or at least it makes me laugh at them until my side hurts, lol.

Hope you enjoyed the little bit of in site I gave you about how I have no self control & I laugh at my friends until it hurts ;) Have an amazing Thanksgiving, don't go into a Turkey coma, enjoy the company that is around you and let the ones who aren't around you know you're thinking about them. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Anonymous said...

Athenna and I are actually making Thanksgiving dinner this year for our families for the first time. Lets hope no one gets sick :-)

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

Taking it One Book at a Time said...

I hope no one gets sick either lol, but I'm sure you guys will knock it outta the park! Good Luck!

Love Fantasy Sci-Fi Novels said...

how do you get that currently reading section on your blog?

Taking it One Book at a Time said...

Just what's on the side bar, though it doesn't have everything that I am reading. I might add one, I'm still adjusting my blog. Figuring out how things work too.