Monday, November 8, 2010


Hope every ones weekend was AMAZING! Mine was pretty good, spent quality time with my best friend who was in town. No, we did not get into THAT much mischief, but where would the fun be if slight mischief wasn't involved? :) See, we don't look like we're causing trouble....right?

Now it's Monday...and I'm thinking my Monday has decided to become bi-polar. As I'm sitting at my desk, trying ohhhh so hard to concentrate on work, I'm finding myself drifting. Torn between committing myself to one task. Starting, stopping, starting stopping. Ugh! Need to find the focus that I seemed to have at one point. Anyone one have some I can borrow?

Now, HAPPY MONDAY! Just believe it's a happy Monday, and it will be! :)


Anonymous said...

Your Monday sounds like my Monday.

Happy Monday to you too!

Jessica Hansen said...

When Mondays get like that I think that you should be allowed to skip right over them altogether!