Friday, June 10, 2011

Scale of Hotness

So over the last year and a half that I've been truly reading, I have come across MANY different types of intimate scenes. I'm not just talking getting it on here people, I'm talking the work up to the big moment too!

So I thought that I had a pretty good idea of how hot "HOT" was.....yeah that was until I started this series called, The Black Dagger Brotherhood! I mean honestly, how the hell do you compete with that?!

So I have configured my own 1-5 Scale of Hotness, take a look:

1 = Average YA Novel: All kinds of emotions sprouting up, but they can't make anything of it. (because it goes against the Legion of YA Authors contract they signed)

2 = Twilight: You fantasize about it, work up to it, then turn to page to read you're waking up the next morning surrounded by feathers.....

3 = Anita Blake: It's hot, magnetic & lustful, but you're thinking it's kind of all over the place....then find yourself saying outloud, "Who are all these people?" 

4 = Sookie Stackhouse: Picturing Eric Northman or Quinn in the love scene just gets the motor goin', yet it doesn't quiet go "there" & is able to retain a type of southern wholesomeness.

5 = Black Dagger Brotherhood: You skin instantly prickles when you start reading the scene & you are wishing you had to ability to dematerialize right NOW!

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Tracee Kelly said...

Good to know. Might have to put that series on my 'to read' list. ;-)