Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday....I hate you

This right here, is EXACTLY what I will be doing during lunch.....

nothing can help me today. I've had my Red Bull....nothing...I even had coffee (yuck!) and nothing!

So apparently the Sandman full on ran my ass over last night, put it in reverse and then did a burn out in my mind, because I am so lethargic that I can't even force myself to do a damn thing at work.

This serious case of zombie-ness is bringing my whole day down, and I feel like I'm just going thru the zombie motions.

Next stop, eating boss' brain and terrorizing the local neighborhood. I'll be back!


Karen said...

Sooo sorry!!! But I love the cat!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Love those pics, especially the zombie cat.

I hope today goes better for you.

Many hugs