Friday, June 10, 2011

Ruby Red Metallic - By Casey Sheridan

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Publisher: Breathless Press
Purchase Info: Amazon

Alaina knows her cars and she doesn't view what she does for a living as stealing. Using all the physical attributes she has at her disposal, she merely acquires the high-end vehicles for a business partner.
Although the beautiful cars turn her on, she has her heart set on a particular gem. When she finds her jewel, Alaina is pleasantly surprised by its handsome owner, Scott.
Now she's faced with a dilemma. Does she choose the man or the gem?

You want sexual electricity, wrapped in erotica hotness? Well then you HAVE to pick up Ruby Red Metallic!

Alaina is a smart, sexy woman who's "go-get-um" reflex is triggered by the sight of an amazing car. Her drive for beautiful cars is unlike any I've ever seen, and believe me I've read about some seriously car-crazed males. It's not that Alaina is just wanting a ride in these cars, she's lifting them for clients, and using what god gave her to get what she wants always works! When she meets Scott she finds herself breaking the one rule she has always set for herself, NO SEX. But there's just something about him that makes her want to bend her limits, and I think that little something is Ruby Red Metallic.

This read was most definitely hot, steamy, and amazingly seductive. I only wish that it might have been a tiny bit longer. Alaina is so fierce & sexy, her and Scott made a fabulous pair. So perhaps in the future we'll see the second part to this duo's story? Until then make sure you pick up this hot read!



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great review, Jessica!

Eden Baylee said...

Yay! Great review. Congrats Casey!