Monday, June 27, 2011

It has ARRIVED!!

Thank the Book Kindle Gods for their bounty!!

It has arrived!! 2 days before I had mentally prepared myself for at that!

So now as I sit here at my work desk, using the corporate computer to download all my books from e-mail to Kindle, my boss is looking at my like I'm weird because I am BEYOND happy...and that it strange simply because I'm at work AND it's a Monday....but oh well, let's rejoice!


Anonymous said...

It looks so purty :-)

June M. said...

Please post in a few days how you like it. I am planning on getting one really soon and would like to know how easy it is.

Taking It One Book at a Time said...

I will, so far it's great. If you need to convert you PDF's into Mobi (which is what the Kindle version is) all you have to do it download Calibre and it's SUPER easy to convert them. I am still learning, but so far, totally awesome!