Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well, the post title says it all.
I need to be more determined!

Determined to do what you might ask? Well a lot of things, but mainly more reviews. I have found myself being pulled towards the bright lights of promo-ho-ness more then the reviews that I need to do.
It's not because I have been lacking in the reading department, because I've been elbow deep in vampires lately, I just haven't been able to get a thought down onto paper after I read the book.

So now that I have my Kindle I am going to start a process of writing down whatever thoughts I have while reading, then jotting down a few lines after each chapter.

Yes, they will be random.
Yes, they won't make sense.
But that's me in a nut shell right?

I'm going to re-vamp my review style and come back with a BANG!
So prepare yourself for a serious dose of awesomeness.....and a possible side of B-A-M!!!!


Charlie Finn - Author said...

Oooo Cant wait to see this big bang you come back with :D

ParaJunkee said...

Can't wait for the side of Awesomeness, I don't know about the BAM part though. LMAO. Good luck.

Taking It One Book at a Time said...

Thank you both! And I'll try to keep to BAM to a minimum, or maybe just down-grade it to some loud yelling?