Thursday, September 8, 2011

Take-Over of the leading male

Lately I've been noticing that male leads are working their way into the spotlight.

Yes, of course we are always anxious to see how our heroine describes her leading mans chiseled features, and feather soft hair. Or how good his assest look in those grungy jeans...

Anyways, what I'm talking about is how more & more authors are discovering the benefits of writing a bad ass book from the hero's P.O.V.
They're able to get all the action, fighting and suspense, while giving us romance from a different angle. It's white hot, blood boiling passion, straight from the head of a 6'4" Greek God with muscles until tomorrow.

Here are a few fantastic examples:

M.R. Merrick
P.O.V. - Chase

He comes off like an asshole at first, but then grows so much throughout the book it's amazing!

 The Iron Knight
Julie Kagawa
P.O.V. - Ash
A change from the previous Iron Fey books, but you'd be surprised how soft, and dare I say normal, Ash truly is.

Witch Eyes
Scott Tracey
P.O.V. - Braden
Though I have not read this, everyone is gushing! (as I continue to try and pry a copy from the author) Braden seems like a truly great hero, with some wicked powers

So you see what I mean about the take over?
These brilliant authors are starting a revolution, and I for one am behind whomever wants to show me a paranormal world, thru some complete hotties eyes!


fairypenguin said...

I like the male POV! In romance especially. When it's done well, the author is able to let you inside the guys head as he falls in love, and that's fantastic!

Taking it One Book at a Time said...

I love that part of it too! It's more romantic watching a guys mind fall in love

Taking it One Book at a Time said...
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