Friday, September 16, 2011

Fresh Face Friday - 9/16/11

Who: Ashley Blalock

What: An Immortal Legacy

When twenty-one-year-old Brooke Hansen receives a large inheritance from a great-grandfather she never knew, she thinks it’s just random good luck. But then a man shows up; he’s dark and mysterious, and Brooke can’t shake the feeling that he’s connected. She begins to wonder if her recent abilities of super-human power and speed are the keys to understanding of what’s happening to her, and she vows to find answers. But her life takes another surprising turn when the man reveals himself to be her guardian, placed as her protector from the outside world. As Brooke falls in love with Cameron, she learns another truth about him—one that will question her devotion and call her to become part of a world she’s only read about.

An Immortal Legacy is a story of true love battling evil. Can Brooke and Cameron’s love survive in the face of a darkness that threatens to invade everything she holds dear? And when she’s called to make the ultimate sacrifice, will she be able to stand firm?

My Thoughts: LUV-ED it! I was lucky enough to read and HERE'S exactly what I thought.

Cover: Typically it's not something that would scream at me, but the intense eyes totally draw me in!

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