Monday, September 19, 2011

Interview & Giveaway - Janni Nell

Happy Monday!!

What better way to kick-off a Monday then with an interview & GIVEAWAY!

Please welcome, Janni Nell, author of the Allegra Fairweather Series.

Hi Jess

Thanks for having me on your blog. It’s a pleasure to be here.J

So, how long have you seriously writing?

I was writing seriously for about ten years before I was published, but I’d been dabbling in writing for much longer. Even before I wrote ‘seriously’ I always had a dream of getting published. I just didn’t realize how difficult it would be.

 How did the idea of Allegra & her world come about?

I started writing the first Allegra book for the old Bombshell line – hence the kickass heroine. Then Bombshell folded so I never found out if it was right for them. I’m more than happy Allegra found a home with Carina Press.

 Which character do you think you’re the most like?

Oh, that’s a tough question. I’ve had to think very hard about this. My answer is going to be kind of predictable, but I’m probably most like Scarlett Gordon, a minor character from the first book, who’s an author.

 If you had a guardian angel (like Casper) and could pick ANYONE take the roll who would you chose?

Another tough question.  I guess a good guardian angel would make you feel safe, they’d be someone you could rely on no matter what. Can’t go past my husband for that, although I prefer him alive. J

 What author would you like to spend the day with & what would you do?

Too easy. Susan Howatch. I don’t think she’s writing anymore, but her final work of fiction was a trilogy featuring a healing center in London called St Benet’s. I’d love to spend a day with her visiting the place on which St Benet’s was based.

Quickies (Nature edition)

Ocean or Lake?

Difficult choice. Lake, I think, although it’s hard to beat the sight of an ocean glittering in the sun.

Swimming or Hiking?

I enjoy both, but I’m going for hiking.

Rock Climbing or White water rafting?

White water rafting, so long as I had a good life jacket. Knowing me, I’d be the one who falls in the water.

Camping or Hotel?

Hotel, penthouse, five star!!!  (Of course, I’m assuming I could afford this. LOL)

Snakes or Spiders?

Hmm. Pass. Don’t like either. And in Australia we have plenty of both!

Thank you SO much for stopping by Janni!

Now for the giveaway! Janni is gracious enough to offer up 2 e-copies of her Allegra Fairweather Series:

  • Book #1 - Allegra Fairweather: Paranormal Investigator
  • Book #2 - South of Salem

Just give your needed info to the Rafflecoptor & you're entered to win!!


terri_dion said...

nice interview short and sweet..

Taking it One Book at a Time said...

I hate to have them drug-out, ya know? Gald you enjoyed it :)

connie garcia said...

My daughter would play with me on game night
Looks like good books

jnewberry said...

Lovely interview, Love the look of this book, the covers usually mean a good read for me, I have yet to find a horrible book with a good cover, I know what I like lol, Thank-you for the great give-away