Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Now & Then: My blogging journey so far...

Almost a year ago, I can't believe it, I started blogging. Though when I started it wasn't for the awesome perks, or the attention from others, I did it because I truly have a passion for reading.

When starting out I did it cold turkey. I had one other blogger friend, who was just getting her blog started too, so there was no one else around who I could ask for advice. Quickly I started roaming Facebook looking for other people who shared this burning desire for the paranormal & all things mysterious. Man was I blown away when I found this massive community that was quietly laying beneath the Facebook surface!

Thousands of people who are just like me, you know the ones who fantasies over who would be the perfect Barrons, or who would win in a brawl between the "real" Eric Northman and Alexander?

Slowly I began to "Like" other bloggers, authors, editors, anyone who I thought could better my literary life style. Now in the blink of an eye I am sitting here looking at those genius' that I've surrounded myself with and realize that I've made some pretty great blogger/author friends. Though at times I feel like I am still in my cave a little bit when it comes to talking to the Big Blogger Fish out there, you know like Parajunkee? (Basically the Goddess of the blogging world) But I think that's just me trying not to be like one of those sell-out blogging whores. The ones who aren't sincere and just copy cat what they see around them, because I am NOT like that. Yes, there are times when I see something and think, 'that's a damn good idea', and am slightly jealous that my brain didn't work fast enough to come up with it myself. But ya know, that's the life of a blogger, being creative and turning it into your own. People want to see things on your blog that they don't see everywhere else, and right now I am trying to perfect that.

In the end I wanted to say THANK YOU! To everyone who's reading this, to all of your who follow my tweets, my rants & raves on Facebook, and mostly importantly give me feed back. I truly appreciate you all, whether you're a follower, friend, blogger or author, without you my little dream I had a year ago wouldn't be what it is today.


carrie said...

You rock! I am so glad that I found your blog so many months ago now. Yours was the first paranormal blog that I started to follow and is still my favorite. Thanks for allowing me to tag along on your journey!

Proserpine said...

You are the first blog I visited after seeing one of your comments on facebook. I had just discovered the world of books on facebook, just like you and you were to advise another person on the blog she started up. She asked you some advises and you answered with enthusiasm and without withholding information. You wanted to share your knowledge with someone who was probably unknown to you and I liked to see how some people love helping others. At the same time, I discovered several other blogs and I decided to try my hand too! I love to discover new authors and titles. There are not many things on my blog, but I it makes me feel good and I'm actually doing it for myself! Hope that someday, I will have an blog as good as yours!

Taking it One Book at a Time said...

Thank you guys! Seriously, this means the world to me!

@Carrie - tag a long forever, please :)

@Proserpine - I am glad that I could inspire you! There is a huge world of books, authors, and literary awesomeness out there that needs to be exposed. So keep up the good work, and never hesistate to ask for advice or help! :)