Wednesday, September 28, 2011

South of Salem (Allerga Fairweather - Book #2) - By Janni Nell

Author: Janni Nell
Release Date: 5/30/11
Purchase Info: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

My mother thinks my job is crazy. I’m a paranormal investigator; she’s Nancy Regan crossed with Martha Stewart. She’s always preferred my sister Lily, who is following in her perfect footsteps. This time, she needs me because my stepfather has been having dangerous episodes of sleepwalking. I thought her story about a ghost possessing him was hysteria, until the sleep walking epidemic spreads to other members of the family. Cousin Donna climbs out her apartment window and falls to her death.

So it’s a real paranormal investigation. Unfortunately my right hand, a hunky angel I’ve nicknamed Casper, has business of his own to take care of this time around—which might take him out of my life forever. Then my sister goes missing and I have to figure it out before Lily and her unborn child are harmed. Time, however, is not on my side…

Quirky, sarcastic heroine, Allegra's my kind of girl!

Coming back home after being away is never easy, in Allegra's case it's more of a pain in the ass. Her mother doesn't believe in her line of work, her sister is married to their brother (TOTALLY not what you think), oh and her step father is now possessed. If that doesn't spell out, WELCOME HOME, I don't know what does!?

Allegra's mother wants her to get to the bottom of what's possessed her step father & quickly, because possessions are so easy to figure out. As Allegra starts trying to unravel the mystery behind what's really happening with her family, secrets from the past are suddenly floating to the surface. Like mega powerful witches, maulhags and creepy sleep walking!
With the case taking off, Allegra has to now keep a watchful eye on her pregnant sister, for more then one reason. It seems ghosts of the past would do almost anything to get their hands on her unborn child.

Coming into South of Salem I hadn't read the first book in the series, but I found it very easy to catch up on the back history of the characters without being bored or over done.  
Allegra is a paranormal investigator with a hunky guardian angel who always happens to show up right in the nick of time. Though she totally has the hots for Casper (that's what Allegra named him), the Powers Above will revoke his guardian-ness if anything ever happens. It always seems like someone just has to step in & put a kink in a potentially awesome hook-up!
 I immediately fell in love with Allegra. She's got the quick responses and witty comebacks that will put any character in their place, but by the end of the book she shows a softer side that is always good to see. She takes pride in her work and doesn't care what anyone, including her family, has to say.
There was only 1 downfall that I found in this book, and it was that the ending was slightly rushed. There was SO much going on. Fights, witches, labor, angels, more witches, it just seemed like it was crammed in there. But I will continue to read about Allegra's journey, where ever it might lead her.


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