Thursday, September 22, 2011

Prodigy (Blood Rune Series)- By B. McMurray

Author: B. McMurray
Release Date: 7/10/11
Purchase Info: Amazon, Smashword

A thousand years ago a powerful rune master crafted a magical rune into his bloodline. It passed on the knowledge of thousands of runic spells to his descendants, but then it disappeared for eight hundred years. Since then, most knowledge of runic magic has been lost, until a sixteen-year-old girl from Pasadena starts drawing strange symbols in her notebook.

Susan is attacked, her best friend is kidnapped, and the perfect man, Alrek, appears out of nowhere and vows to protect her. Alrek's instantaneous love for her seems almost too good to be true.

Susan is taken away from her life of mall shopping and expensive lattes, and is thrown into a world of runic tattoos, artistic magic, and an ancient school that seeks to master it all. Will Susan be able to use her gift to face the new challenges that threaten to destroy her life?
Will the truth about Alrek push Susan away?

Reading Prodigy was like dating the senior quarterback. You seem to be in heaven, can't believe it's happening, then you find him behind the Snac-Shack making our with Cindy Nelson....epic fail!

Ok, I'm not going to sugar-coat this, but I feel like I was dropped from a 80 storey building 3/4 of the way thru. I was falling in L-O-V-E with this book, the characters & the plot! Then boom, it's like a completely different author took over.

I'm getting ahead of myself, so let's go back to the beginning....

Susan knows that she's different, she's seeing things differently then she use to & is starting to drift from her best friend. (who's a complete & utter biotch!) When she runs into Alrek, a gorgeous stranger with a hot little accent, she sudden feels a pull to him that she's never felt. Susan knows that there is something different about him, especially after saving her life and he suddenly appearing in her room out of thin air!
With a million questions running through her head, Alrek wisks a confused Susan away to an ancient rune school half way across the globe to give her the answers she needs. It's then that she suddenly realizes what is held inside of her. With the pressure of the world on her shoulders, a crazy villain who will stop at nothing to get her & this instant hot attraction to Alrek that she feels, there's no telling what will happen.


So I'm gonna sum this next phase up as quickly as possible (or else I'll be gushing all day). Basically from this point enters a jilted ex-fiance, a best friend and James, an old class mate of Alreks. After encountering destruction like no other, courtesy of our seriously demented villain, Susan is left with no other option the to turn to James for help. Then from left field, a MASSIVE twist that leaves you blindsided, and suddenly Susan feels the need to go back to her home town to lure the evil villain there. Which I agree with, because she's on her home turf & whatnot, but when she suddenly decides that her & James should get jobs and enroll in high school, I was lost. This section of the book was completely off, drug-out and things, like certain emotions, felt forced. Magic that they were unable or was difficult to do is suddenly at their finger didn't sit right.

Yes, I did finish the book, but I just wanted it to stay on track and turn out to be a kickass book.



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