Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Talkative Tuesday 2/15/11

So while I'm sitting here in lecture hell, listening to how we need to save money as a company this year, all of you get to meet some great people who run a fantastic blog!

Everyone my I introduce, the Book Wenches! A wonderful team of 3 book addicts, who give a humorous and insightful spin to everything that they write. Whether it's a review, an interview, or a contest, these ladies keep their thoughts real and to the point. The one thing that I absolutely LOVE about their blog it the definition of it....see:

BookWench - /bʊk//wɛntʃ/ - noun. An opinionated woman who reads a lot and has a compulsive need to share her thoughts.

Now go, become friends with the Wenches on Facebook, savor their every tweet on Twitter, and of course follow their blog!

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