Monday, February 28, 2011

250 Facebook Followers Giveaway!


First I want to thank EVERYONE who has liked my page, or possible will in the future! You've made my blog something that I could only have dreamed about, and it's continuing to grow each and every day.

Ok so I'm going to make this simple and pain less, well at least I hope so. For my first ever giveaway I am going to allow the winner to pick whatever book they want as their prize, the only catch is that it will be a paperback, not an ebook or anything fancy like that :)

Here's the 5 easy steps to enter & win:

1. Just leave a comment about how you came across Taking it One Book at a Time, and you'll be entered to win.

2. +1 if you're a new Facebook follower

3. +3 if you're an old Facebook follower (before today)

4. +1 if you stalk follow me on Twitter

5. +1 if you follow my blog

So now tally and comment, that seems simple enough, right? I'm not making you re-post this anywhere or blog about it, but if you want to spread the word, that would be UH-MAZE-ING!

This contest will be closed one week from day: 3/7/11, GOOD LUCK!!


Neri said...

+1-Follow on twiter
+1-Follow blog

Total 2

Congrats on reaching the 250 milestone!

Ana Lucia said...

I came across Taking it One Book at a Time because of friends of FB who recommend your fan page.
Thanks for the giveaway and for making it our choice.

+3 old follower FB
+1 follow blog
+1follow on twitter


nat said...

I saw that one of my facebook friends was liked the page so I checked it out and loved it.
+3 old follower on facebook
+1 follow on twitter
+1 follow on blog

Total +5


sheri said...

congrats! I found you when your page came up as a pages you may like on facebook.

+3 old facebook follower
+1 twitter follower @shericallander

Anonymous said...

+3 if you're an old Facebook follower (before today
+1 if you follow my blog

Katrina W said...

:) Congrads on 250 followers here 's to another 250 :) I stalk you on facebook ;) +3 old follower
old follower +1
follow you on twitter I am run_with_wolves
Katrina whittaker +1

5 big points to me ;)

Thanks kat ;)

sapphire said...

I found you on facebook through a search I think. Or maybe you commented on another facebook page cuz I follow a lot of blogs on there and I don't remember even tho it was last week :P

+3-old facebook follower before today
+1-I follow your blog

Carol Holaday said...

I'm so excited that you made it to 250 Facebook fan. Good work!

1. Found you on Twitter.
2. Am a new Facebook fan.
3. Didn't realize you had a Facebook fan page until today.
4. I'm one of your Twitter stalker, er I mean followers.
5. I've been following your blog for a while.

Jen Place said...


Alyssa said...

I found you from a Win on Wednesday post!

+1 twitter follower (@bookwormbabble)

throuthehaze said...

I found this blog through the Win on Wednesday post :)

+1 new Facebook follower-Rae Pavey
+1 follow on twitter @throuthehaze
+1 follow your blog

TOTAL: 3 points

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Karina said...

I found a link on Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chick's blog :)
+1 blog follower

Sinnaye said...

Found this blog through a link of a link on facebook. Guess it must have been a link in a link provided by
Anyways, great blog!

+1 FB follower
+1 blog follower

ps: on fb I follow you as Jannick

Sylvia said...

I also found about your blog from Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chick's blog post!
Thanks for this contest!

+1 I'm a blog follower!


amandawk said...

I also found your blog from Not really southern vamp chick's blog.
+1 Follow on twitter @amandawk
amandarwest at gmaildotcom

Siobhán said...

+3 old fb followe
+ twitter
+ blog

total 5


Angela (Library Girl Reads) said...

I found you in a list of giveaways from Not So Southern Vamp Chick.

+1 New FB follower
+1 Blog Follower

laceyinthesky said...

Found you from Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chick's Win on Wednesday post.

+1 GFC follower
+1 new FB follower (Lacey R)
+1 Twitter follower (Laceyinthesky85)



Aanchal @ Book Flame said...

Just leave a comment about how you came across Taking it One Book at a Time, and you'll be entered to win.
+1 new Facebook follower (aanchal gounder)

+1 follow on Twitter(bookflamereview)

+1 follow blog (aanchal@bookflame)

thanks for the giveaway

Debbi Fry, Author said...

Taking One Book at a Time did a review on my Facebook Fan Page for my novel, Blood Lines and the rest is history!
+3 old fb follower
+1 new Twitter follower
+1 new Blog follower
Thank you for all that you do for authors and the story-telling world!

linda2060 said...

I found you through Not-Really-Southern Vamp.
+1 new fb fan
+1 twitter follower
+ GFC follower
Thanks for the giveaway.
Lindadao2060(at yahoo(dot com

Julie S said...

Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on your followers! I found you through Non-Really-Southern Vamp Chick's blog.
+1 new Facebook fan
+1 follow on Twitter
+1 GFC follower

Kim D. said...

From Vampires Anonymous of course ;)
+3 old follower, +1 Blog = 4 entries

duncan449 at yahoo dot com

alice priday said...

+1 if you're a new Facebook follower

+1 if you stalk follow me on Twitter (bindisgirl)

+1 if you follow my blog alice priday
i got sent here by 2011 books that bite

Casey said...

+3 Old Facebook Follower
+1 Blog Follower
Total: 4


Breanne said...

I found you through Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chick's blog

+1 follow via GFC
+1 follow on Twitter @RazzMyBerry

bmweida at yahoo dot com

Sabrina said...

Congrats on the 250 followers!!! Thanks for doing the contest. I found your face book page from one of those pages you might like.
3 old facebook follower
1 twitter
1 blog

Mina Zenteno said...

Congrats on the 250 followers! I found out about this contest by another FB site (2011 Books with Bite)

I'm a new follower (blog) Mina Zenteno

I follow you on FB (Mina Zenteno) and on twitter. @rock_mina

My mail:

Thanks for the chance! =)

ShannonB said...

+1 Found Taking it One Book at a time through another facebook page

+3 if you're an old Facebook follower (before today)

+1 if you follow my blog

keep up the brilliant work, and good luck to everyone :)