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{Release Blitz: Q&A + Giveaway} #Kissing - By Ellie Brixton


#Kissing - By Ellie Brixton
Release Date: 6/14/2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

I was always the good girl.

Then when the pressure became too much, I took off and found me a bad boy.

Niko. The hot, British rock star and frontman of the Halos.

He took my angel wings and gave me a lot of things, well, everything but the Big O.

And fidelity.

So with my #fail in hand, I did the worst thing imaginable.

I went home. The insta-nagging, criticism, and impossible expectations reminded me why my life #sucked—the reason I left in the first place.

Well, everything was the same except for JQ, my high school crush. With a snug T-shirt and jeans that fit in all of the right places, it looks like he became man and maybe it was time for me to become a woman.

#Kissing is a sexy, rock star romance for new adult, college, and contemporary romance readers who enjoy love stories with an HEA.

Author’s note: #KISSING is a full-length, standalone novel. Due to strong language and content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.



I used to be a good girl. I used to be many things. Now I just make it up as I go along. Most of the time I don’t even know what I’m doing. Only that right now, I like the way this feels.

My moan disappears into the grinding of a guitar as I squeeze my eyes shut. I make my own stars as phosphenes flicker and dance behind my shuttered lids, winding through my vision in silver and yellow. I’m close, but not close enough for my mind not to wander.

JQ and I found a field as far from town as we could, dimming the city light. His fingers rested just inches from mine. We were young and nervous enough to make an excuse: a science project for Mr. Wilkins. We watched a celestial show in the sky that night, drifting to sleep under a summer blanket of stars. When dawn kissed our cold cheeks awake, we clasped hands. Then he kissed me, and I ran away.

Our lives went in parallax and here I am, my back arching as I call out with pleasure while my boyfriend has his head between my legs. I shouldn’t be thinking about someone else. But he accidentally called me Heather once—whoever that is. These days the line between right and wrong is a blur. But pleasure is pleasure. And I can’t deny Niko makes me feel good. I’ll settle for good.


Author Q&A

What are you reading right now? To put a spin on #WCW who's your #ACW (author crush)?
My Kindle is stacked! To name a few I have a few Rachel Van Dyken titles in the queue, Mr. O (can't wait!), and I'm kind of feeling like reading Right by Jana Aston again. Also, there are too many series' to name that I want to dive into. I fantasize about a week-long retreat where I lay on the beach and read. That should be a thing. Reading retreats. At a spa. With hot waiters. 

Do you have a book boyfriend?
Do I have a book boyfriend? A? As in singular? The beauty of the book boyfriend is that I can have multiple. I'm currently dating Miles from Melanie Harlow's Some Sort of Crazy, Sawyer from Right by Jana Aston, and I've always had a soft spot for Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables. 

What's your most guilty pleasure?
Cookies. All kinds of cookies. I've never met a cookie I didn't like. I love cookies. Did I mention cookies? Also brownies are pretty good.

Speed round: 

Starbuck's order?
Cold: Passion tea
Warm: Anything pumpkin

Favorite color? 

Favorite band? 
Of all time: Taylor Swift
Of the moment: Vance Joy

Righty or lefty?
Right handed

Biggest pet peeve?
Websites that take AGES to load are evil, usually it's because they have pesky ads that take forever. I'll find a delicious looking (cookie) recipe on Pinterest, click the link, and then wait so long to get the post that I'll end up closing the window.

About the Author
Ellie Brixton is a unicorn by day and an author by night. She's a firm believer in eating dessert first and fancies herself a cookie connoisseur. Although she runs every day, she wishes for a 1959 Cadillac convertible, in pink of course. This is her first novel.



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