Friday, April 15, 2016

**Evolution of a Blog Pt. 2** This makes me sad......

As some of you know I have been blogging for over 5 years now. 

I've had my fair share of ups and & downs, posting slumps, and even a reading slump....but I've pushed through the mental haze and forged on.


Today I was visiting a review on Goodreads from a few years ago, and as I'm scrolling down the page through the other reviews I see one from a fellow blogger I use to be pretty close with. Out of curiosity I click on her profile, then proceed to her blog only to find out she stopped blogging roughly 2 years ago!

My first reaction was,  "I'm a horrible friend, I mean I should have noticed this right?!"

Stunned & saddened as I'm reading her post of literary resignation, I notice on the sidebar are names of all the Blogs she supports, or supported I should say. Instantly I'm ecstatic because I recognize the name of each blog on that list! 
"YAY, let's see how everyone is trucking along!!"

Well guess what?!

90% of those bloggers have stopped blogging too....and quite frankly it makes me sad!

What pushed my friends to stop?? 

The pressure to keep up? 
The pressure to be "New & Exciting"?
 Or the pressure to be make your next post better than your last? 

Yes this online community is growing, it's evolving,  and every day there is a new blog on the block trying to standout and make a bigger impact than the one before them. Though I'll be the first person to give props and kudos to anyone trying to take a step into this world of literary review. It's not easy. 

Keeping up on posts, reviews, trying to make sure agents/authors/tour hosts, shit even other bloggers, see what you can do.

But then these questions are constantly floating in the back of your mind:

Are you original enough? 
Should I add a some extra UMPH to that post?
Have I gained followers, received comments, retweets, "Likes"?

Not only does this take it's toll on new bloggers, but old bloggers alike.....and will mentally exhaust you at some point or another. I know that in the past it has for me.

So my little tidbit of advise for you is this:
Have fun with it, be goofy, be explicit if you need you, do not hold back for anyone try to hold back sometimes, do not lie/cheat/borrow or steal, and be genuine
 Everyone in the literary community appreciates someone who tells it from the heart, even if it's brutally honest.

Remember stay true to who you are, always know why you started doing this in the first place, and always take a breath.

I don't want to stumble upon your blog one day to see that you've virtually posted your Blogger letter of resignation too.

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