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{Book Blitz + Giveaway} Fractured Memories - by Jo Schneider


Fractured Memories - By Jo Schneider
(Jagged Scars #1)
Publication date: May 20th 2015
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Sixteen year old Wendy never knew the world before the Starvation. She’s learned to put her trust in her knives, and her confidence in her fighting ability. When the Skinnies attack her compound, she’s the lone survivor.

Injured and near death, Wendy is rescued and nursed back to health by mysterious strangers. Her saviors offer her a place among them, but trust has never been one of Wendy’s strengths, and suspicion soon leads to evidence that these people might be the group who killed her family.
The decision to get her revenge, and take the settlement down from the inside out is easy. Keeping her distance from those she must befriend in order to make it happen proves to be much more difficult.



Top Ten:

Top ten snacks while writing.

Soda Stream Cola on ice. I can't get enough

Pretzel Thins, they go great with the cola

Cold Water

Junior Mints


Those little Cadbury crack eggs

Rice Cakes-Carmel Corn is preferred

In-N-Out Burger or Pace's Dairy Ann, whichever is closer

Any innocent chocolate that doesn't get hidden


In reality, if there are snacks, I'm not writing, so usually I keep water or cola at my desk and that's it. Mostly cold water.

Top five favorite titles (Not just books)
In no particular order:
Star Wars, the original trilogy. It's nostalgic, I can't help it.
Ender's Game. I still love that story so much. It has to be the book, not the sorry excuse of a film they made.
Ever After. I don't know why, but this show never gets old.
The Walking Dead-the TV show. I've never read the comics. Whole. E. Cow. I shouldn't watch it, but I can't stop!
The Elenium series by David Eddings. Not the most spectacular writing, but they drew me into fantasy as a teenager, and his characters are brilliant. It's like going on a road trip with all of your favorite people.



Author of Babes in Spyland, New Sight-YA fantasy out April 2014, wearer of a black belt in Kempo and always in search of the next cool place to visit!

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