Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Talkative Tuesday....It's Coming Back!

A few years ago (roughly 2010-2012ish) I had a weekly post called Talkative Tuesday, it essentially was where I would introduce you all to an awesome Blog/Blogger out there that I am in love with.

Lately I've felt as though I need something a little more personal on my blog, just get back to my old school blogging roots of being more that's when the decision was made for a newer, revamped Talkative Tuesday to come back!

So this is what you can expect from Talkative Tuesday each week:

  • Featured Blog
  • All the Stalker Links
  • Fun Facts about the Blog/Blogger (i.e. Stats, Likes/Dislikes)
  • Giveaways ~ Based on the Blogs Favorite Author(s) {as many as I can possible get}
All this, plus whatever else the Hamster in my mind can come up with!

If any of you have suggests, whether it's who should be featured or additional information you'd like to see on the posts, feel free to email me:

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