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{Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway} The Ruin of the World - By Nazarea Andrews


Author: Nazarea Andrews 
Release Date: 5/11/2015 
Purchase Info: Amazon ~ B&N 
When the zombies rose, we thought the world ended.
It didn’t—it just broke, in a way we couldn’t fix. And we found ways to continue, reasons to fight. 
Faith. Family. Politics. Obsession. The most dangerous of all—hope
But when all of that is stripped away, and nothing remains but rage and betrayal—that is the true end of the world. 
Return to the World Without End, for a final battle for hope and survival in the exciting conclusion to Nazarea Andrews’ phenomenal series

Goodbye Finn.....Goodbye Ren.....Goodbye to the demons that haunted them both....Goodbye to their complicated relationship....Goodbye questions....hello to the END.

In this case it was an epic ending to one of the best series I've ever had the pleasure of reading!

Starting the journey from beginning, back when Ren was trying to escape the Haven safely with her brother, (then) boyfriend, and some asshole her brother had to have around, it's astonishes me to see where Finn and Ren are now, not only as characters, but as strong leaders who know each other almost better than they know themselves.

Throughout this phenomenal journey Finn has always had that connection in one of the Haven's, and somehow that "connection" always ends up with them running out & trying to find help elsewhere. It seems as though him and Ren have been running during this entire series from one threat or the other (both living and dead). Well in Ruin is seemed as though they were actually facing the main issue head on. Paving their own path, rather than allowing others to shape it for them. They take no refuge in a Haven, but continue their journey with their troops to the place that will provide them some answers....and honestly it was a great direction to take the final installment of them series. By giving the reader that little something extra to sink their teeth into created more of an "on the edge of your seat" kind of experience, consider the Haven walls weren' there to protect them. (of course Finn never thought they helped protect anything)

Now I know the big question on the mind of every reader was about Finn & Ren's relationship.....this gave me a headache, but not it the annoying way. It made me cry, and cry....tears of happiness, sorrow....and it left me with one of the biggest book hangovers ever. Few books have done this, but the emotional charge I felt realizing that this was truly the last  time I would be allowed inside this amazing relationship left me feeling empty.
(oh I want more)

Now I'm going to unload every spoiler in the entire book..........First %$(*&@)........then &%#$&^.........lastly )(_@P::$ you know what happens in the book!

On a very serious note, Nazarea blew my expectations away, if you have yet to grab this series, please do yourself a favor and get it now. I've said it before, but Finn & Ren will blow your mind and Nazarea's world building will suck you in. Now only if there was a spin-off series to come. *wink wink*




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