Wednesday, November 19, 2014

{Blog Tour: Review} Mirror X - By Karri Thompson


Author: Karri Thompson
Release Date: 6/30/2014
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Cassie Dannacher wakes up in a hospit al over 1,000 years into the future after her space capsule is retrieved fro m space. She soon learns that 600 years prior to her arrival, the earth was struck by a plague, killing over half of the world’s population. Naïve and desp erate, Cassie, who longs for home and is having trouble adjusting to the new, di ctatorial 31st century government, is comforted by Michael Bennett, the 20 -year old lead geneticist at the hospital where she was revived.

But why is Cassie in genetics’ hospital in the first place, and why do several of the people around her seem so familiar, including Travel Carson, the hot and edgy boy she is fated to meet? Soon she discovers t here is a sinister answer to all of her questions – and that they want something from Cassie that only she can give.
Love & Hate!
Just shoot me I sit here writing this review I am at odds with myself as to how I feel. There were aspects of Mirror X that had me instantly falling in love with this book......then there were situations with Cassie, the main character, that had me shaking my kindle as though it were an Etch-A-Sketch! Like maybe it'll rewrite that last line if I shake it hard enough, but unfortunately it didn't.
Now I'm not saying this book was bad in any way, I just had issues with the main characters thought process. Truthfully for someone who has just awaken from a very deep cryogenic freeze after apparently being brain dead for a thousand years, I'd have just a few more questions and would wonder what kind of drugs they snuck me if I was falling instantly in love with my doctor.
Speaking of doctors, Bennett...yeah I am not a fan. I'm team #AntiBennett...whatever you want to call it. I feel as though Bennett will do nothing but use Cassie as a mule, and for his own gain. It breaks my heart (insert sad face).
Though overall I have to say there were a lot of aspects and points that made this read truly intriguing for me. Like how the earth got to where it was, I wanted to know more history about it all. About patient zero, and how the "regionals" originated. I know it touched on it, but I love a lot of really good back history in my stories. (so maybe in book 2??) It really struck me as interesting to see the types of leaders we had over seeing everything, this is yet another area I'd love to see some more history about.
All in all, I would definitely pick up book #2 to see where they story takes our little miss "Hope For The Future". She needs a good story, and a great path to take her there.

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