Tuesday, November 25, 2014

{Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway} The Future Without Hope - By Nazarea Andrews

Author: Nazarea Andrews
 Release Date: 11/20/2014
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The highly anticipated third book in The World Without End series. Separated from Finn, captive of the Order, Nurrin has no hope left. But she has survived twenty years of zombies--and she has the unshakable faith that Finn will find her.

But Finn is a long way away. The Order's influence runs deeper than was ever suspected, and politics are shifting--and zombies may not be the most dangerous thing she's facing.

Finn always thought the war stripped him of all he had to lose. But with Nurrin missing and doors closing in his face, he realizes there is always more for the world to take--and he will drag the remains of civilization down with him before he gives up on the only promise that matters.

Nurrin for the #WIN!!

Absolutely, freaking, FANTASTIC! Again I am blown away by Nazarea, her ability to captivate me and leave me with my mouth hanging WIDE open!

After the major cliff hanger in book #2 I was chomping at the bit to dive into book #3, I wanted answers, blood, death and passion. Thank god, I was not disappointed. The Order needed to pay for taking Ren, infecting her brother, and sperating Finn from the only thing that kept him living. I loved how Finn, in his usual kick-ass way, made The Order realize that he was not messing around and wouldn't stop until this girl was found. He is so ruthless, and it's not that he's just a blood thristy killer, he holds very little close to him while guarding his emotions tightly. So when you F#$@ with what he holds onto, you've just crossed a line.  *swoon*

With Ren being held up in a train car, realizing her world is about to be shattered, you'd expect an emotional break down....but she gives you the opposite. Fierce, confident, go "F#$& yourself" attitude! I am in love with her fire, spirit, determination and all around badass-ness. Though she's being held captive by The Order in some super secret bunker with dozens of other Firsts, she has 1 mission on her mind...her brother. Some might see that as a weakness, but it truly gives her the upper hand with these psyhcos! One of my favorite parts of this book was when she broke a huge social taboo and bit one of her guards in spite. HAHAHA, it was a perfect "You don't want to play nice, I'll show you!".

With the first third of this book running by pretty fast, I enjoyed the change of pace after the breech. The plan that Omar had was so methodical, thought out and just a tad bit crazy. It allowed us to take in everything that had just happened while hearing about his plan. Does it kind of draw a line between Ren & Finn....maybe, but it sure adds one hell of a plot twist!  (Though I still think it's a suicide mission...but that's just me)

Run, buy this seris...get caught up & prepare yourself! You'll need to grab some tissues, your throwing stars & a couple of shots, because this book is going to be one hell of a ride!




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