Sunday, August 24, 2014

{Hiatus}'s a Scary Thing....

Have no fear....I'll be back quicker then you know it!
Most of you are probably not even remotely aware of what I'm talking about, but it's ok because I'm going to explain it in great gory detail.
It all started roughly 8 weeks ago, it was just another typical Tuesday night at softball....there I was running the bases when an outfielder caught a one hopper slightly more gracefully than I had expected. Stopping to go back to first base it happened, POP! Falling to the ground in agonizing pain, all while screaming like a girl, I held my knee in hopes that the burning sentation would go away.
Guess what, it didn't....after an ER trip, follow-up MRI's & robot braces, I am now preparing to have complete ACL reconstructive surgery in roughly a week.
Very few things about this excite me, I am actually the opposite. Terrified.
Never in my life have I had surgery, so the whole thought of being put to sleep only to wake up in with a screws in my knee & stitches scarring my leg isn't pleasant. But the thought of being able to bend my knee again after 8 weeks of not being able to physically do it almost brings me to tears.
(In this picture you can see how much atrophy I have in my injured leg, on the right, compared to my non-injured leg)
So, I'm hoping for only the best & a quick healing process. Thought I know this will entail roughly 6 months of hard physical therapy & won't be able to do activities on it until the 8-10 month mark, it's a light at the end of my tunnel.

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