Monday, August 4, 2014

{Blog Tour: Review} Horde Without End - By Nazaera Andrews

Author: Nazaera Andrews  
Release Date: 8/24/2014  
Purchase Info: Amazon ~ B&N 

It was supposed to be over…

Returning from Haven 18 was supposed to be the end. But nothing is ever easy—and in a world full of zombies, finding the missing is next to impossible. There are breadcrumbs. Tiny clues. But what are a few tiny clues in a world of the dead?

Nurrin is desperate to find her brother, but that will mean trusting Finn O’Malley. A man shrouded in secrets, who kills as easily as breathing. And the more she learns about him, the more questions she has. But she has learned one thing—the zombies are changing. Adapting. And this time, the Haven walls won’t keep them out.


His name explains it all; Fierce, Intense, Nonstop, Necessary.
After reading the first book in this series I absolutely could not wait for the second book. It was just my cup of zombie tea!
Finn, Ren, secrets, death, cults...a whole lot of awesome!

Ren (Nurrin) and Finn have some of the best chemistry I have ever read about. Their mutual disgust for each other turns into complete hotness & desire. To me when you have 2 characters who claim to hate each other that much it's only a matter of time before they get it on. Both of them are stubborn enough to pretend this lust they is simply human instinct and need...HA!
Besides the high amount of sexual tension, these two are on a mission to find Collin, Ren's brother, after they come back to their hideout to find him gone. They know he must be on the move....but the question is to where. Now it's about using Finn's connections, knowledge and gut to locate Ren's brother before something bad happens to him. 
Several times I thought that they were hot on Collin's trail only to be stopped in their tracks by the undead.

I truly, truly, loved how the last quarter of this book went. Traveling to a place Finn swore he would never go again just to keep his promise to Ren made me melt. (See, he really is a sweetheart)
But this just opened up an entirely different can of worms. Worms that led to secrets of Finn's past, how his family was truly involved in the break-out, and why he feels the way he does about the government. Oh, and I have to touch on Kendall....he's the current President, but I can not wait until zombies rip his flesh off wait until he dies! This may seem harsh, but once you meet this charming creature you'll understand why I feel there's a special place in Hell for him.

So if you couldn't tell by now I am madly in love with this book, author, her characters & the gruesomely beautiful world she's allowed me sink into. I will be stalking her until #3 is ready!
Nazaera has truly become that author who makes me loath advanced copies, simply for the fact that I selfishly have to wait that much longer for the next book in the series.


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