Sunday, February 26, 2012

Interview & Giveaway w/Kate Klimo

Everyone help me welcome author & horse lover Kate Klimo!

Horses obviously are a huge part of your life, when did your love of them start?

I have always loved horses, from the time I played "horses" on the playground in kindergarten and took lessons with saved-up allowance in the Brookville stables near where I grew up in Sea Cliff on Long Island. But it was for my fiftieth birthday that my husband gave me a ten-pack of lessons and, for some reason, that triggered what might be called a mid-life mania, starting with lessons, then leasing a horse, then taking clinics, finally owning horses and taking fabulous riding vacations to all corners of the world. Now my horses are in a barn in my back yard and there's nothing more wonderful than to go out at night in my pajamas and visit or first thing with my morning tea. 

 If you could be anything else besides a writer, what would you be?

If I couldn't be a writer, I would be a horse trainer. No question.

 How often do you write?

When I am working on a book, I write every day. I wake up at four and write until eleven or so and then I get up and do stuff, preferably active stuff, like shopping or riding my horse or hiking. When I'm deeply into a book, I will sometimes write for twelve-hour stretches but that takes a toll.  I work in an office four days a week and have a roughly five-hour round trip by bus and, you guessed it, I write the whole way to and from the office. Makes the long trip seem short! There are usually one-to-two month periods between projects or while my editor has the manuscript at whatever stage it might be, outline, rough draft, etc. Those I call my fallow times, my not-writing times, which are as important to the process as the creative times because, after all, you have to let a field lie fallow for it to flourish on a regular basis. Don't want to strip the soil now, do we? Okay, I think I've beat the agrarian imagery to death, don't you?

Favorite writing snacks?

Because I can't be trusted to get up and get my own sustenance, my husband usually brings me a snack: apple and cheese or sliced oranges or sometimes some squares of dark chocolate. (Isn't he a sweetie?) I'm not a coffee drinker but when I am flagging, he will bring me a single shot of very sweet espresso as a pick-me-up. I drink water constantly because hydrating myself is good and also because it forces me to get up and move around, if only to the bathroom and back. Writing is an intense mental and physical process and it's good for both mind and body when you get up and shake yourself out on a regular basis.


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