Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feels Like I'm Dying....

These last few days I've been battling something nasty that's been kicking my body's ASS! So today I went to the doctor and after telling me things look ok, "but let's do a nasal swab to rule out Influenza"......what do ya know?! I have Influenza Type A!

Before you all start panicking and planning your speeches for my funeral, it's just a viral strain of the flu that can't be treated with antibiotic. So the doctor is basically telling me to tough this shit out and become Motts' top buyer.

Now the point to this iPhone fueled rant....this shit sucks! Please just try to deal with my Twitter whining and my attempt to stay in top of shit around here. I will BE BACK!


Proserpine said...

J'espère que tu va te rétablir rapidement!

Cambria said...

Feel Better soon!!!!