Friday, November 11, 2011

Zombie Madness Giveaway

Zombie Madness!

Is it just me or are Zombies every-freakin'-where?!

 I have officially decided to jump on the bandwagon! After reading Death's Hand by S.M. Reine (which is feckin' EPIC), I have decided that reanimated corpses are pretty damn cool!

So, what better way to celebrate my conversion to the Zombie side then a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY!!!

This is what's up for grabs:

The First Days - By Rhiannon Frater

Dearly, Departed - By Lia Habel


some WICKED Walking Dead Chapstic!

(sorry for the shitty camera quality)

Just give the Copter what it needs & maybe even spread the word!


SleuthGirlCrystal said...

I love zombies! Super awesome giveway. Welcome to the bandwagon!

Andrea @The Bookish Babes said...

You rock, Jess!

Zombie Joe said...

Zombies? Where? ;)

VanillaOrchids said...

This is great! I've been wanted to read Dearly, Departed lately.

erin said...

awesome giveaway! Thanks so much!