Monday, October 10, 2011

Review: Amaranth (The Resistance Trilogy #1) - By Rachel Wade

Author: Rachel Wade
Release Date: 7/27/2011

Knowledge changes everything…

Hoodoo-influenced Southern Louisiana seems like the perfect place for Camille to escape her abusive past and dysfunctional family. She doesn’t expect to fall in love with the handsome Gavin Devereaux and plummet into the world of Amaranth, a place of exile for reformed vampires.

Wrestling to escape a deadly ex-boyfriend while giving Gavin a chance, Camille is confronted with decisions that threaten not only her life, but the lives of her inhuman friends she has come to love. Entangled in her friends’ quest for freedom, she dives into their realm and faces the threats of Amaranth’s ruler—the mother of all vampires—and her own inner demons.

Now Camille must decide whether she will derail her life and make the ultimate sacrifice for the monsters that interrupted her bumpy path back to sanity—what she still wants so desperately—or escape with Gavin before it’s too late for both of them.

When I think of vampire books my mind will instantly races in about 15 different directions. Amaranth was in NO way a direction that my mind EVER would have gone.

 "I’m introverted, not antisocial" -  Camille
Camille was an instant for me! Meaning I instantly felt for her, wanted to be her friend and completely understood what she was going through. While trying to separate herself from an abusive relationship she leaves the states on a trip to Paris, and of course it wouldn't be a trip to Paris without meeting a completely handsome stranger. Though she didn't instantly fall in love with this stranger, or even see him again while she was there, you know the connection is deep.

So fast forward about a year and Camille has relocated herself to Lafayette, Louisiana. But apparently moving for her hasn't swayed her choice in men, because here she is again trying to get out of an abusive relationship with another asshole!
Trying all the hoodoo tricks in the book just isn't enough, there's just something about this dude that not even magic can touch.
Suddenly she runs into Mr. tall & handsome from Paris! (aka Gavin) Their sparks are instant & 100% natural. Camille feels like this is the start of a great beginning....well we know how those usually end up? 
With a deranged ex-boyfriend who has fangs, now hell-bent on killing her, Camille is thrust into a Gavin's paranormal world. Trying to handle it is the best she can do, but Gavin reveals a bigger plans to her. He's going into Amaranth to find a cure for his condition, take down the Vampire creator & possibly not return. Yeah, well this sits with Camille about as well as cookies sit with kindergartners!
With some trickery & major guts, Camille is determined to get Gavin back alive. So into Amaranth she goes, will she get out, no one knows....(like how it rhymes?)

Talk about a beautifully written book, Rachel built a world that is absolutely stunning! When describing Camille's settings she doesn't over do it, she is able to draw the most perfect picture in your mind. Here's just a taste:

"....enormous oak tress and rich tresses of Spanish moss that glistened in the sunset."

"I continued to watch in astonishment as streams of beautiful transcendental light penetrated from the watery heaven, casting warm amethyst rays into our dark world"

Along with great descriptive capabilities Rachel captured the raw emotions of all the characters in this book. Though the relationships may develop quickly, they never once felt rushed to me. There was one place where I had to scratch my head because I was uncertain about the Gavin & Camille's relationship, but every piece fell together as it should, ending the book on a note I never saw coming. Now I sit here patiently (don't laugh) awaiting the second book in the series.


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Glad you enjoyed it, Jessica. Thanks again for taking the time to read and review! xoxo

Proserpine said...

I like your review! I am eager to start this book! :)

Andrea said...

Ah! This sounds like an amazing book! As someone who lived in Louisiana, I am definitely intrigued. I SO need to read this. Great review!

Taking it One Book at a Time said...

@Rachel - Anytime, can't wait to get my hands on #2

@Proserpine - You'll love it

@Andrea - The description is fabulous