Thursday, April 7, 2011

Giveaway: Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire

Since I absolutely FELL IN LOVE with this book & the world that Seanan created, I figured I would giveaway a copy of the first book in the series!

Here's a little about the book if you aren't familiar with it:

October "Toby" Day is a former street kid and half-breed Daoine Sidhe who's practically made a career out of running away from things. She was raised in the Summerlands, last of the true fae realms, only to flee to the mortal world when she was a teenager, looking for a life she could call her own. For a while, it looked like she might even succeed. She found a place in the service of a local Duke, earned her position as a knight errant, fell in love, and thought the running was over.

She was wrong.

All too soon, all she wanted was the opportunity to run away from everything and fade into obscurity. Unfortunately for Toby, life is rarely simple for changelings, and her own talent for complicating things makes it impossible for her to disappear into the shadows. It probably doesn't help that she attracts trouble the way that candles attract moths, or that she's somehow managed to catch the eye of some of the most powerful people in the Kingdom of the Mists...

Now how to enter!

  • Just comment (super simple)
  • Leave your email so I can stalk you
  • US Only (Sorry to all my Int. peeps)
  • Contest ends at MIDNIGHT Thursday April 14th

If you feel like being super nice you could spread the word too...but it is NOT required so don't sweat too much.



Lauren Mackesy said...

This book sounds just like the books that my daughter and I read. Lauren Mackesy

Jesse Lee said...

I have it the ebook on my kindle but wouldn't mind having the actual book book.

Sniffly Kitty said...

Very interesting premise! said...

This has been one I've been meaning to read! Would LOVE a copy of my own!

sheri said...

Yay another give away. Looks like a good read from what I've heard about it
Sheri Callander

Marjie Pride said...

sounds really good :)Thanks!


Sinnaye said...

They really sound promising, can't wait to read them!

*puts them really high on tbr-list*