Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Evolution of a Blog (Pt. 1)

The evolution of a blog.......just think about it......

Have any of my fellow bloggers ever taken the time to look back at your posts from the early days?
Now when I say easy days I'm talking 4-5 years ago, before we become engulfed with publishers, promoters, blog stats and networking. It almost seemed like my thoughts back then were more pure and original.

Please do not get me wrong, I am beyond thankful to have the connections and people that are in my literary life. Without them I would be lost at times, they are truly a blessing! 

But, there are times when I look back at my earlier posts and feel like I was WAY more honest, sort of like a part of me is missing from my posts.

No one worry though! What I'm missing will come back!

 Through hell or high water I will start inserting myself piece by piece back into these posts. Who knows, maybe I'm the only blogger who's ever dealt with this, or maybe I am part of a large community I never realized I was a part an AA support group!

Whatever the end result is I will keep touching on the subject and hopefully I'm able to shed a sliver of light onto this subject of Blog Evolution with other literary nuts I know!

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