Wednesday, May 7, 2014

{Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway} Hedge Witch - By Simon Kewin


Author: Simon Kewin
Release Date: 4/2014
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Fifteen year-old Cait Weerd has no idea she's being sought by the undain: sorcerous creatures that feed off the spirit of the living. She doesn't know they need her blood to survive. She doesn't even know she's a witch, descended from a long line of witches. Cait Weerd doesn't know a lot, really, but all that's about to change.

At Manchester Central Library she's caught up in sudden violence. In the chaos she's given an old book that's been hidden there. Given it and told to run. Hide the book or destroy it. The book contains all the secrets of the undains' existence. They and their human servants want to find it as much as they want to find her.

Cait learns the fates of two worlds are at stake. Just what she needs. Along with definitely-not-a-boyfriend Danny, she has to decide what the hell to do. Run, fight or hope it all goes away.

It's only then she learns who she really is, along with the terrible truth of what the undain have been doing in our world all this time...

Dragons, and grimoires, and witches, OH MY!

From the start I was taken completely with this book, I mean how do you not love a book that essentially starts in a library?! Though it doesn't stay in the library long I loved that entire scene!

Quickly after Cait discovers a different world, one that she has a chance to make difference in she must decided if it's worth the risk. I truly enjoy how the decision didn't come easy for her, and there was such a great lesson about how magic does have consequences. You get back what you put out, so you must be prepared for that. 

Aside from a great main character I have to say that world building in Hedge Witch was fabulous! Action upon action....but not once was it confusing, muddled or blurry. There is so much going on, tons of different paranormal/fantasy creatures that I loved. 

The undain are probably one of my favorites, I know, they're bad guys, but they're just a really cool creature. When an author can create a new type of villains, whether it be a combination of things or just something no one has ever heard of it totally makes the entire book go up a notch!

Overall this book rocked, I can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy and see what happens to Cait!




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Giselle said...

Ha any book that starts in a library is a winner if you ask me ;) and this sounds like a really great read overall with awesome world building and likeable characters! Wonderful review!

Jasmine1485 said...

I'd invent a race of cats with human-like intelligence and opposable thumbs, it'd be interesting and terrifying to see what they did.