Saturday, March 8, 2014

That Time My Face Met Norman Reedus......


So today, my FACE went to ComicCon in Sacramento!!

I know you're thinking, "What, wait?! Just your face??", yep my face!

 Knowing I'd be manager on duty today.......

My brilliant co-worker and I thought it would be a fantastic idea to put my face on a stick so I could take pictures with Norman Reedus......and if you don't know who that is brush up on your Geek...

One side had my sweet self, while the other had my pop-art zombie from Halloween

Not only did I get to have my picture taken with Norman Reedus....

 (seriously had the BIGGEST squealing fan-girl moment in my office when I saw this)

But he proceeded to dowse the crowd with silly string after seeing me!

I tend to get that reaction from people...really.


Though this absolutely is a moment that is hard to top, here are a few more moments that my face had while roaming aimlessly around ComicCon

 Those who know me know I have no patience at all....apparently I was cutting in the VIP signing line, my bad.

 This is my brilliant co-worked saving my from a Joker who wanted to badly lick my zombie face, but who could blame him?!

 Star Trekkies were trying to beam me back to work to finish payroll.

 My co-worker Rae was surprised I kept popping up everywhere!

You can't see me in this picture because my face fainted from the Norman anticipation!

 "I want Pop Heads NOWWWW!!"

 These red shirts look like they'd be great zombie extras.....

 Let's go SHOPPING!!

And one more little taste of Norman!!!

Hope you all enjoyed That Time My Face Went To ComicCon!!

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