Monday, February 10, 2014

{Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway} Undying - By Valerie Grosjean

Author: Valerie Grosjean
Release Date: 9/29/2013
Purchase Info: Amazon ~ B&N
This is a story of love . . . and zombies.

When eighteen-year-old college freshman Christian discovers his dormitory is crawling with the living dead, he knows he has a problem. But once he learns the whole country is overrun by the flesh-eating horde, he must race to protect what matters to him most.

Sixteen-year-old Iris, the girl he loves, is stranded eighty miles away, alone and completely unaware of the gruesome threat surrounding her.

Christian’s plan is to evade the zombies, drive the distance to rescue Iris, and get them both to his family farm—where there are guns, fuel, and everything else they’ll need to survive. His mission seems simple: Get the girl, get to the farm, and stay alive.

Things get complicated when Christian is forced to make an unthinkable choice between Iris and his family. Someone he loves must die, and he must decide.

Truly an Undying love!

This book reminds me why I LOVE zombie reads so much! Each page had me on edge waiting for that "Holy Crap" moment we all know would happen....and let's just say I was never disappointed. 

Christian is a great lead character for the zombie apocalypse. Smart, resourceful, but he still has that innocence about him that I feel we'd all have if something like this were to ever happen. You know, where you want to believe in your heart that everyone you care about is fine and untouched.....if only it worked that way....

As the eaters-o-flesh start to show themselves Christian witnesses 2 college girls try to eat his roommate, then he as he's escaping there's not the smartest college chick on the block begging for his help, and now there's a punk rocker begging for a jump?? All he wants to do is get home, check on Iris & his family and take refugee on his farm. Is that too much to ask for?

With all this stuff happening, he still manages to keep his priorities and do anything necessary to ensure that they happen.

Throughout this story there was never your typical "I saw that coming" twist, I was honestly shocked with how the story went about. My only qualm with it was that I didn't want it to end and felt as though it could have gone on just a little bit longer. 

Overall it was a fantastic read, I finished in it 24 hours, and honestly is my fiance wouldn't have been on about folding clothes or something, I would have finished it in 1 night!




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Giselle said...

Yay I love finding fellow zombie fans! That's my fav genre for sure and I have had my eye on this one since I first saw it so I'm so happy that it sounds so incredibly awesome! EEK!