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{Blog Tour: Dream Cast + Giveaway} Othersphere - By Nina Berry

Today I am thrilled to have Nina Berry & her amaze-balls Otherkin series stopping by my humble little blog!

Have you not heard of this fabulous series about shifter tigers?? Well let me educate you a little....

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Back so soon?? Now onto the latest and greatest in the series!



Dez thought she knew who her mother was, who she was. Thought she had friends, a boy who loved her, and a school where she finally fit in.

But across the veil linking our world and the next lurks a monster which can annihilate. . .or liberate her. Now she must confront it there with help from one boy who loves her and one who can't stand the sight of her.

Dez thought she understood her tiger form, her deepest self. But in this treacherous place, she'll have to choose between the two halves of her soul--and determine which world survives. 

Othersphere is the third and final installment in Nina Berry's acclaimed young adult Otherkin series, which blends romance, fantasy, and action in a powerful story of friendship and self-acceptance.


 Nina has compiled a list of who she see's playing all the wonderful characters in her Otherkin Series!

What better way to celebrate the launch of OTHERSPHERE, the final book in my OTHERKIN series than by casting it with my dream actors?

I’m going big with my main character, Desdemona “Dez” Grey, a shy girl with a back brace who goes on a quest for her real identity when she shape-shifts into a tiger. Shailene Woodley would be perfect as Dez not just for her height and presence, but because she has the depth and talent to convey Dez’s inner conflict and insecurity.  Plus she’d look great as a redhead.

As for the reckless, shadow-walker Caleb, the boy who can conjure objects from another world, dark-eyed Thomas McDonnell would be perfect. Just add a long black coat.

From the start, I pictured charismatic British actor Christopher Lee as the skeletal, mysterious Morfael. He can be both terrifying and otherworldly with one look from those hooded eyes.

Lanky wolf-shifter London is a frightened by the beauty and might of the wolf inside her, and that kind of nuance would come easily to the talented Saoirse Ronan.

Diego Boneta would be fantastic as the trustworthy, far-seeing eagle-shifter, Arnaldo.

Rat-shifter November has a lust for life… and a few other things, tucked inside her petite form. She can be sneaky and funny, and shows all her teeth when she smiles. I’d love to see Isabelle Fuhrman in the part.

Actor/model/photographer Rick Mora looks exactly right as Siku, the centered, insightful bear-shifter with a dry sense of humor.

I can see Dakota Fanning as Amaris, a healer who somehow holds onto an inner sweetness even after her evil father Ximon nearly destroys her.

Lazar goes from warped, evil young man to, well, I don’t want to spoil it, but he’s on quite a journey. Jake Abel’s got the blond good looks, and the ability to seem like the spawn of the devil with hidden depths below…

Dez’s mom Caroline Grey is a pragmatic Wiccan and excellent role model. Dress down the gorgeous Rachel Weisz and she’d be great.

I’m bringing out the big guns for the villain. Give Daniel Day-Lewis pure white hair and he’d be perfect as Ximon, twisted, charismatic leader of the deluded cult that wants to wipe the otherkin off the face of the Earth.

Oh man – now I want to see the movie!


Author Info:

Nina Berry is a writer, redhead, and bodysurfer. She's the author of the OTHERKIN series from KTeen and the upcoming PAGAN JONES series from Harlequin Teen. She lives and works in Hollywood, pretending to lead the glamorous life. She blogs at, or you can follow her on Twitter @Ninaberry.

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