Wednesday, March 6, 2013

6 Months Later....and I'm still a slacker...

Yep, that's right, I'm still alive.

Though my obvious efforts to blog aren't apparent, because well, I haven't been making an effort. It's not like my obsession with books, authors and my fictitious boyfriends has gone's just that life, kids, work, fitness, The Walking Dead, Instagram (yes, I am an Instagram whore) and every other daily task seems to be getting in my way.

 I haven't truly been marking down what I've read, or what I've thought about these books for that matter, but that spark I was missing for a long time finally came back to me! 
Credit for this can be given to a specific series of books;

Vampire Academy

It has to be my inner nerd who feels an instant connection to this partially broken, yet bad-ass heroine who will do nothing but fight until the last breath has left her body for those she loves, and sacrifice everything in the process, that made me DEVOUR this series.....or it could be all the "eye" candy...either way it's a win!

Anyways, I'm not going to go into true reviewer mode, or babble on and on and on, but I will leave this very short post with a very important note........





Bookluvr Mindy said...

Yay!!! Yay!!! Yay!!! Hooray!

Taking it One Book at a Time said...

Thanks Mindy! <3 you and all your support!